Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 7th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 7th February 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 7th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with garg family on dining table for dinner. Shail is waiting for gunjan. Buaji asks her to have dinner but she denies. Gunjan arrives and Dayal starts to taunt her and tells Shail to call Aakash next day. Shail asks Gunjan for dinner but Gunjan refuses.

Gunjan is on terrace and Mayank arrives there. Gunjan shares her tension with Mayank that she cannot tolerate everybody taunting Shail. She says that Rachna is choking due to fiasco and she is not able to forget Vihan. She says that she would tell everything to Shail but Mayank explains her that it is not about Shail, it is about Rachna as she would never believe without any proof because she hates Gunjan a lot. Gunjan agrees with him.She says that it is quite necessary to expose Vihan in front

of Rachna that how Vihan is characterless evil – doer whom she is loving as god. Gunjan is worried that how all family members and specially Rachna would come at temple. Mayank explains her about plan and she returns to her room where Rachna asks her why she is doing and her mom is suffering due to her only. Rachna says that she could forgive Vihan because she was not committed fully with him, but she was own family member who cheated her. Rachna says again that all the moments shared with her had been wiped off. And she could not trust again. Gunjan is saying to herself that its only about one night. After this all truth would come out.

Next day morning Seema serves halwa to Charu. But Charu does not want to eat it because Seema did not tell anything about Gunjan to Dayal. Seema consoles her that it would be done itself because Dayal is tired with Gunjan and he would get her out very soon. Gunjan arrives there silently and intentionally drops bag of bridal wear in front of them so they all 3( Seema, Sangita , Charu) could see her running with bag of bridal wear.

They all suspects her that there is something going wrong. Gunjan is on the gate where Mayank is waiting for her. Gunjan requests him to take all family members at temple and runs from there. Seema sees Mayank and he excuses for head ache and asks for a tea. Seema agrees him and goes to prepare a tea.
Gunjan has reached temple and calls Vihan to request him not to arrive at temple but Vihan taunts her and says that he would definitely arrive at temple. Then Gunjan thinks to call her so call … as she could not marry without her but waits for path to be cleared.

At garg house Shail is worried about Gunjan and sharing that with Dayal that what would Sneha would think that she could not perform her duty properly. Mayank sees Seema coming to his room and he does acting to talk with someone on mobile that Gunjan is going to marry with Vihan. He again tells that he could not inform Shail about that. Seema overhears him and then tells Mayank that she would inform Shail. Mayank dramatically tries to stop Seema, but she does not hears him and goes to tell Dayal who has decided to call Aakash and hand over responsibility of Gunjan to him. Every one agrees with him. Seema reaches there and informs all about Gunjan is going to marry Vihan. Everyone is shocked to heat this.
Sangita supports her that they had seen Gunjan running with stuff of bridal wear.

Precap: Gunjan is worried that Mayank is not receiving call and fears that if Vihan would see her in bridal wear then it could be fiasco. She is hiding from Vihan but her cell suddenly drops down from her hand which draws attention of Vihan who is wondering in temple.

Update Credit to: Smriti

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