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The workmen put the painting on, Rachna forbids them to unwrap it before cleaning the room. Suddenly the lights begin to fluctuate, she calls for a candle. Lucky’s dad calls Govind Kaka. Rachna thinks she hasn’t removed the cloth from over the painting. As she unwraps it, Lucky’s dad shouts ‘How dare she!’ She gets afraid; he comes to her and asks how she dare bring this photo out. She looks at the painting, it was in fact the family painting of Lucky, his dad and mother. Rachna is shocked to see this, and thinks why Lucky had called her maa. Lucky’s dad removes the painting, and throws it hard on floor, and with the lantern nearby burns it. Everyone in the house gathers there. Lalit runs to get water spilling over it. Lucky’s dad asks who dare bring this photo out, he

says he told Lalit not to bring it out. Rachna says she didn’t say about this painting. He tells her to stay quiet. Govind takes Lucky’s dad inside. Rachna asks who is this in the picture. Lalit asks his wife for water, she brings it. Rachna asks whose photo is this. Lalit asks her to calm down, and tells his wife to leave. He tells Rachna this is Divia, his brother’s wife. Rachna asks why he lied to her. Lalit says he did it all only for Lucky, as he doesn’t even know where she has gone. Rachna asks where has she gone. Lalit says Divia left his brother for someone else. He says he hopes she understands why he lied to her, and she may understand his brother’s heart. He says if he doesn’t gets calm, he will keep pouring his frustration on that little child, which will ultimately effect that child. Rachna thinks about all the anger she had to face, from the man.

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She thinks about Gunjan, who had forbidden her to go there. Lucky comes running, and asks maa, are you leaving. He comes running to hug her, and asks her not to leave him. She wipes his tears, and says she won’t leave him, ever. He hugs her again.
The next morning, Adi thinks why is he tensed now, hadn’t he thought she was rich and her father must be just like she was. He wonders why Mayank uncle comes in between them though his family seems sensible. Gunjan calls him, she tells him Mayank is getting married in three weeks. He asks whom is he marrying. Gunjan says it must be someone, who saw a good house and a good man, she knows such people well. He says to Gunjan she might be a good girl. They hang on. Aadi wonders if this is a coincidence, or something else.
There, Rachna runs after Lucky and plays with him. Lucky says he is really happy today, can they stay like this forever. Rachna says when they both are together, it will remain as such. His dad comes and asks his chaachi told him he didn’t take Qawa. Rachna says they must leave it today, as Lucky felt nauseatic yesterday. He asks Govind if this girl is for the house’s renovation, or caretaking Lucky. He tells Govind to give Lucky the Qawa. Lucky makes faces, while Rachna wants to know who gave this to Lucky. His father however scolds her to mind her own business.
Rachna leaves the room, and stops Govind kaka telling him that she wants to talk to Lucky’s papa. She tells him that she isn’t Divia, he says he knows that. She says she is sorry, but now she understands his anger, and frustration. He thanks her for being so great, and if she understands she must know he doesn’t want to see his face.
Seema was worried, Shayl says Gunjan will be back soon. Gunjan comes and asks Seema who is Mayank’s fiancé. Seema says she is the girl, whom Mayank loves a lot. Gunjan asks Mayank that she wants to talk to him alone. They come on balcony. Gunjan says she wants to meet his fiancé, he has also met her fiancé. Mayank says her fiancé always come home. Gunjan tells him to invite her home. Mayank tells her to be ready.
Dayal and everyone asks where will they bring the fiancé. Dayal asks that what he has thought. Shayl says he must now tell her all the truth, as she loves him too. Mayank says she is Gunjan, if she knows about the drama it will all get destroyed. They will have to get the fiancé, if she has asked for it.

PRECAP: Gunjan tells Aadi that his fiancé is coming home. Aadi heads to see what is going on, while Gunjan thinks she will check whom Mayank is marrying.

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  1. two married people playing all these games except coming straight to the point bad storyline writers. come on when a person looses his or her memory the best way to get it back is to jog it with the past not hide the past. take this booooooooooo

  2. kt needs to come back and adi needs to get out the way

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