Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 6th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 6th February 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 6th February 2013 Written Update

everyone sees Vihaan has come to take Gunjan and comment. Shayl stops Gunjan from going but she says she will go and sits on Vihaan s bike. Vihaan purposely breaks again and Gunjan falls on him. Rachna is in auto lost in Vihaan s explanations and is crying. The auto driver asks her if everything is all right she tells him to turn the auto. Vihaan stops somewhere and praises Gunjan that she fought with her masi. He gives her a bunch of flowers as best sister award and tells he will keep Rachna happy. Gunjan says she will do anything for her and Vihaan says just three more days. Gunjan tells him she cant come tomorrow as shayl has organized a puja and asks him not to come. Vihaan insists he will and falls into Gunjan s trap. All the ladies are angry and blame Shayl

Rachna defends her mom saying she is not responsible for Gunjan, mayank sees all this as Rachna takes shayl away .

Gunjan and Vihaan come to a restaurant she does not want to enter with him and ducks. He holds her tightly to draw attention Rajeev is waiting there . Vihaan tells he can ask anything. He asks if she is happy and Gunjan replies no and then says she is and he takes good care of her. Rajeev tells her she cant act properly and wishes her luck Gunjan thinks she needs it. Vihaan and Rajeev are talking Gunjan s phone rings and its Mayank who asks her if Vihaan agreed to come to the temple Gunjan tells him he was more than happy to. Mayank tells her about the hungama that happened and tells her to use it to her advantage. Vihaan comes but Gunjan covers up and hangs the phone.Mayank turns to see Charu. She asks him who he was talking to he says a friend . She asks which friend and he does not reply, Charu tells her its her right to know everything mayank taunts her that love and rights are not snatched they are given if the person is worthy. She tells him they have to go on their honeymoon day after and should reach delhi tomorrow. Mayank tells her she can go alone and leaves the room but his phone is on the bed. Charu checks the phone and its confirmed he was talking to Gunjan.

Charu is packing angrily and tells Mayank who returns that she is going. He tells her to enjoy the swiss trip but she says she is going to her mayka. Charu scolds Mayank she is not a villager that she will keep quite if her husband is romancing another woman. She accuses him of loving Gunjan while he says she is her friend. Seema and Sangeeta come hearing charu shout. Mayank does not ask her to stop and Charu leaves the room. Sangeeta and Seema convince her to stay back and say they will talk to Dayal that either Charu or Gunjan will stay. Gunjan comes out of the restaurant and asks Vihaan what will he say after three days. Vihaan says since she is roaming with him it will be easy to dump her as she will be labelled characterless. Gunjan thinks she will teach him a lesson and he wont even remember spelling of character.

PRECAP: gunjan drops shadi ka joda in front of Seema sangeeta and charu packs it in bag and leaves. Mayank is talking on the phone that ‘What Gunjan is marrying Vihaan’ and the 3 ladies smirk.

Update Credit to: vibz88

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