Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 5th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 5th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rachna passes through the door, and says that this house is so strange, and is like a riddle. The strangest thing is that no one talks about Lucky’s mom here. Lucky was playing, her chichi makes him drink the green tea. Rachna comes there, and says she has to make Lucky eat. She teases, if she is a designer or Lucky’s maid. Rachna dislikes, she says sorry and tells her to make him eat. Lucky smiles at Rachna. Lucky tells Rachna that these parathas are so tasty. After a few bites Lucky gets cough, and is unable to breathe. Lalit comes running, his chachi and dad follow. His chachi asks Rachna what she has given him. His dad asks what he gave him to eat. Rachna says she was just making him eat food. They run to take him to doctor. Rachna asks to give him salted water, he will vomit

whatever he has eaten. Lalit agrees. Rachna makes Lucky drink the salt-water. They collect his vomit in a bowl, Lucky feels better. His chachi says it is a blessing that he is alright, and heads to take Lucky in the room. Rachna tells Lucky to go with her. She wonders what she made Lucky eat, then thinks he had drunk the tea.
Gunjan gets bored at home, Aadi calls her. He asks is she tired, she asks why would she be. He says she was there is his dream, all night. She laughs. He says he loves her a lot, and suggests about bunking their classes and go on date. She says she can’t leave house today, as there is no one here. Aadi asks is she alone, and hangs on. He says when the thirsty can’t come, the lake must go to him. They all come home, Seema, Shayl and everyone poses to be really busy and says there is a lot to do. Gunjan tries to ask Seema, she leaves saying she must ask her uncle. Dayal and Prabhu pose to be busy in estimation. Gunjan tries to ask them, but they say she must wait for a while. Gunjan goes to Golu, Seema comes to him and sends him to do his homework. Gunjan is sad, that no one is telling her anything.
Rachna calls Mr. Mehta and asks about a painting, she was happy that it was ready. She notices the door was unlocked. She thinks this room has interesting antiques which can be used for her styling. The bulter stops her, and asks what does she want. She says this room contains interesting antiques, he locks the door and leaves without saying anything.
Gunjan is frustrated, that everyone is busy and she didn’t go to college even. The door bell rings, it was Aadi with a bouquet. He enters the room, in spite of her stopping him. She asks what he is doing here. He says he thought his Gunjan is all alone, he must entertain her and do some romance. He tries to hold her from back. Everyone gathers there. Golu comes running to him, in rage. Prabhu holds him in his arms, and whispers that they will do something with him. Aadi whispers to Gunjan that she said she was alone. Gunjan whispers that he must now leave, as they are all back. Aadi says they must go out. Gunjan denies, and says he must leave. Mayank comes home then. Aadi says that Gunjan must stay with his cousin. Mayank says Gunjan doesn’t stay with anyone she doesn’t know. Aadi says she has no privacy here. Gunjan says she is alright. Aadi boasts that his Gunjan is so cooperative, and tells Mayank uncles to take care of her. He gives Gunjan a flying kiss and leaves Seema angry. Mayank also doesn’t tell Gunjan what is happening at the home.
Rachna instructs the workmen to put the painting in the center. She asks the men to go to show other rooms. Someone replaces the painting.
Gunjan was getting bored. Mayank comes to Gunjan and asks what she was saying. She was annoyed. Mayank says everyone is busy, because they all saw the girl and liked her even today. Gunjan asks for whom. Mayank says there are two bachelors only, him or Golu. Gunjan asks is he marrying. Mayank smiles. Gunjan asks why? Mayank says she is also marrying. Gunjan dislikes the idea, and says he doesn’t have a job. He says he will manage it. Gunjan gets lost. Mayank asks what is it about? She asks when is the wedding taking place. He says it is after three weeks, and she has to be a part of all the functions. Everyone peeks through the walls to see her expressions.

PRECAP: Rachna removes the cloth over the painting, when it was hung on the wall. Lucky’s father shouts how dare someone bring this photo out. Rachna was shocked to look at the family photo of Lucky, with his parents.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. No one realizes that Gunjan will be hurt even more once she finds out the truth. At some point she will have to face reality so why not now?
    Rachna scenes are so boring without KT.

  2. Rachna story is so friking boring,so what she look like lucky mother whats d big deal abt dat

  3. with the new direction and story lines…I wonder how long this show is going to remain on air….such a disappointment. But will continue you read the updates and hope things get better so I could start back to watch….love the characters Mayank, Gunjan and Rachna….just stupid stories / writing for them.

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