Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 5th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 5th July 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 5th July 2013 Written Update

Part 1

The episode starts with Mayank and Gunjan walking and Gunjan feels that someone is watching them and stop to look. She tells Mayank but he says no one is there and tells her let whoever it is look and say what a loving couple they are. Rachana is helping Dholu with his project work and she has made him a doll from recycled items. She then decides to use the burnt clothes in the room to make the dolls’s clothes. Mayank and Gunjan are lying on the bed when Mayank tells Gunjan he will be back in 5 minutes. When he leaves, suddenly the lights go off and Gunjan wonders why. She starts hearing noises and asks who’s there thinking there’s someone.

Part 2

She takes a knife that is lying near a fruit bowl and approaches the noise. Mayank comes

from behind and touches her she turns with the knife and he screams and asks what is she doing. She explains that she heard some noises and got scared. Mayank tells her to relax and to follow him as they will go and relax hearing the sound of the ocean. Seema and Sangeetha asks Shail if Dayal manage to get the money. Sangeetha tells Shail that she and Gopal can’t contribute because he had invested money and lost it. Seema says that she and Prabhu can’t as they spent the money luxuriously on Gunjan and Mayank’s wedding. Shail says its alright and tells them not to worry and Dayal anyway has declined taking money from Prabhu and Gopal and that Dayal will never take from anyone. Dholu shows Shail the doll that Rachana made for him for his art project. Shail is amazed at what Rachana has done and tells her its lovely. Shail tells Rachana that they should also call Mayank and Gunjan as its been 2 days since they talked to them.

Part 3

Mayank and Gunjan are standing at the balcony of their hotel room. Mayank asks if she is alright and she says yes. Mayank asks her how much does she love him and she says she loves him a lot and asks what about him and he says so much that is more even that its undescribable. He then looks at his watch and points to Gunjan to look at the sky. Fireworks start and Gunjan is awed by it. She kisses Mayank on the cheek and he kisses Gujan back. Gunjan and Mayank then shout out with all their heart how much they love each other. They hear loud music from somewhere and decided to go there. While walking there, someone asks Mayank for directions. Gunjan sees Charu walking past and thinks to herself that its Charu. Mayank then asks if she is ok and says to come. They arrive at the shack where a singer is singing Sun Raha from Aashique. A reporter is interviewing some people about Goa and the shack.

Part 4

Gunjan and Mayank sit at a table and Gunjan thanks Mayank for the fireworks and says it was awesome. Mayank says that was nothing and to see what he has planned ahead. Gunjan asks what is he up to next. Mayank signals her to wait. He walks to the singer and tells her something. He then takes the mike and says he wants to dedicate a song to his beautiful wife and he takes the guitar and starts singing tum ho from Rock On. He then takes Gunjan’s hand and starts dancing. Gunjan and Mayank hug.

Episode Ends

Gunjan is dancing on the table to Ishq Shava and Dholu is watching TV and sees her and Mayank on TV as its being televised on TV. Dayal, Shail, Seema and Sangeetha are shocked looking at Gunjan dance like that.

Update Credit to: happygirl123

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