Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 5th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 5th February 2014 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 5th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with rachna thanking the lady and asks her whether she can make a call. She agrees and is just making a call but KT comes and tells her that they should leave now and says that he has informed her parents about it. At home mayank is trying to convince gunjan but she says that now at this moment she is more worried about rachna and KT as he had called her but the phone got disconnected. Gunjan says that she will go and call KT. She goes out and sees shail and dayal shocked. She asks them what has happened but they don’t say anything. Seema and prabhu also come and ask dayal and shail but they don’t say anything. Mayank, dholu’s mother and father also come out and ask them about it but they do not say anything. Then gunjan sees the newspaper

and reads it and gets shocked. She then says that it’s utter nonsense and she knows that rachna can’t do anything of this sort. Seema says that’s why she was saying not to send rachna with some other person outside Banaras. Dholu’s mother also says that even she believes that rachna can’t do anything of this sort and it’s someone’s trap to insult rachna. In the car KT tells rachna that he wants to say something before she calls her family. Rachna asks him to say and he says that he did not tell them that they both met with an accident as he thought that they would get worried. She says ok and she calls at home and shail asks her where is she , so she says that she will come back by an hour or 2 and says that she will come home and tell her everything. Dholu’s mother asks her that why she didn’t ask rachna about the newspaper article so shail says that when she comes home she will ask her everything. The doorbell rings and few ladies come inside and ask for shail and ask her whether the photo in the newspaper is rachna’s. They speak nuisance about rachna and gunjan back answers them very well and asks them not to interfere in others matters.

She asks them to leave from the house and closes the door on their faces.gunjan gets irritated with thes people. seema says that like this how many people’s mouth will she close. she says that she will do it whenever needed and how much ever she can do it. on the road KT and rachna arrive and they see the people looking at them outside wierdly but they dont understand. they go in the house and shail questions rachna. then mayank shows the paper to rachna and she gets hell-shocked seeing this and says that its all a lie and not true. dayal says that he wants to know only the truth and asks KT also to speak only the truth. KT also sees this and says that this all is a bullshit and a lie and says that someone has tried to destroy rachna’s reputation.dadi comes and tells shail that its not true and says that she trusts KT and asks him to say the truth. he says that he had lied to them and tells them the whole truth and says that they had met with an accident.

he then tells about the whole incident and the accident that happened with them. rachna cries and says to shail that she is saying the truth and whatever KT said was the truth. shail says that she trusts her and hugs her. dayal goes to rachna and says that he doesn’t trust her infact he trusts her alot. the screen freezes on rachna’s face.

Precap:- rachna gives her resignation letter to KT in his office and he says that he doesnt have any problem to accept her resignation but all this nonsense shouldnt destroy her life and she should learn to fight from this. she cries and hugs KT . from behind a girl comes and claps.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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