Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 5th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 5th February 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 5th February 2013 Written Update

Mayank enters his room and is shocked to see sarees everywhere on the bed and sofa. He turns to see Charu in jeans t shirt a hat and bindi. He makes fun of her and she says the clothes are imported. She shows him tickets her parents gave for a switzerland trip, Mayank refuses to go. Seema comes in and is surprised to see Charu, Charu keeps Patting the finger ring and Seema tries to convince mayank to go. He gets a sms from Gunjan to meet on the terrace and he leaves. Dholu and Rachna in the bedroom, he is dancing on a song from makkhi movie Rachna s not paying attention and is holding the earring Vihaan put in her ear and is daydreaming. Dholu wants Rachna to comment on his dance and he pulls her, the ear ring falls and Rachna becomes angry she scolds Dholu. He s

hurt and tells her she has changed and runs from the room. Rachna realizes she changes as everything has changed and thinks why did Gunjan come in between. Rachna wants Vihaan back in her life and writes a letter to’Hamare Vihaan ji’ She realizes why she should do this and thinks that is she so bad to deserve this, she crumbles the letter and throws it on the floor.Shayl enters and picks it up,she reads it and consoles Rachna telling her everything will be all right. Charu is searching for Mayank, asks bua where he is and when she comes to know no one went out rushes to the terrace

Gunjan has told Mayank everything. He wants to tell everyone Gunjan says no one will believe, he advises her to tell Shayl Gunjan says she wont as everyone will blame Shayl as even now she trusts Gunjan. She tells she has a plan and shares it with Mayank(we are not told of it!!) Mayank tells her its risky , he is angry and wants to hit Vihaan,Gunjan says all of them will they laugh,high five and then she thanks him. She is about to leave as she feels people will misunderstand seeing them, turns back to thank him and when she turns Charu s on the terrace.

Gunjan comes down and Shayl asks her what s the truth as she feels Gunjan has a majboori Gunjan thinks that she will tell Shayl and says sometimes you have to walk on the wrong path to reach the right destination, the landline rings and Shayl answers. Vihaan adds fuel to the fire that he and Gunjan are a perfect couple,made for each other, Shayl hands the phone to Gunjan and leaves. Vihaan gloats that he was able to add mirchi chat masala and that Gunjan will get a lecture from Shayl after she hangs up. He tells her they will be going on a date and says good night Sweetheart and hangs up..Gunjan decides only two days and she will exposes him .Charu tells Seema tha Gunjan Mayank were talking on the terrace cooking some khichdi even though she is with Vihaan. Seema tells her two more days and she will make sure Gunjan leaves this house.
Next morning both the girls are getting ready keep staring at each other. Rachna leaves the house and Vihaan is standing outside . He taunts her that she wont even say HI to him. She does that and Vihaan asks her to inform that Gunjan wont be coming to college as she is going on a date with him. Rachna blasts him calling him shamelesss as some days back he was doing the same with her and asks him does he have any idea what she and her family are going through. She also asks him that why did he not say anything before, he says that Gunjan s magic is like that . Rachna catches an auto . Vihaan follows and Says he is sorry. Shayl is seeing everything .

PRECAP: Gujan is talking to Mayank on the phone while she is out with Vihaan who is talking to Rajeev in the restaurant. Mayank asks her if he agreed to come to the temple, Gunjan says he was more than happy…muted conversation. Suddenly Vihaan is near the table places a cup in front of her and she is shocked

Update Credit to: vibz88

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