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Adi says that he knows she loves him as he does, he will keep her happy for whole of their life. He thanks the family for taking care of Gunjan, he will owe them for a lifetime. He holds her hand, with the ring and says he will soon come with the Baraat. Seema leaves crying. Adi also leaves. Shayl asks Mayank to go to Seema. Gunjan begins to explain to Shayl, Shayl says she knows it isn’t easy for her, she must rest as a lot has happened in a day.
Rachna comes to Lucky, and tells him to have food. Lucky says he is always afraid, that what if she doesn’t come here the next day. Rachna promises Lucky that she will come to him daily.
Gunjan looks at the ring and thinks about the proposal. She asks to herself, why she thinks of this ring as a burden. A lot has happened in

a single day, she fought with papa, left the house and now this proposal. She thinks where Rachna and Mayank have gone. She wonders what everyone here must think about her, she must apologize them.
Lucky stops Rachna for a single game. He goes to hide as Rachna counts backward. Light goes off suddenly. Lucky calls maa, Rachna tells him to stay where he is, he must not worry. She goes in the dark, calling Lucky. Suddenly she was about to fell off the stairs, someone helps her. It was Lucky’s dad. She looks at him asking he pushed her, how dare he; he has been after her since the day she came here. He tells her to be quiet, holds her onto a wall. He says he has a hundred ways to get rid of her, and no one will know about them even. He leaves saying, he doesn’t need to attack at the back. He warns her to say something like this to him again. She is left afraid. Lucky comes running to her, she asks where was he. He says he was in the drawing room, why she couldn’t find him.
Seema complains the Gods, that she had left everything on them and they did so bad with her. Rachna tells her to keep calm, everything will be alright. Seema says she can no more stay calm, she knows what Mayank must be going through. She heads to Gunjan’s room. Shayl stops her and says Gunjan has forgotten everything. Dayal says they can’t tolerate this.

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Mayank says he has an idea, and asks if they will all help him. They all agree.
Gunjan asks Rachna is she mad, what if something happen to her there. Rachna says she will take care of her, but worries about that child. He sees his mother in her. Rachna says she herself doesn’t want to clarify his confusion, and she needs him as there was a vaccum in her life after KT left. Gunjan asks her to go downstairs. Gunjan looks at a plant, gets a flashback and puts her hand in the pot to find a cigarette. She asks Rachna is it Mayank’s. Rachna asks how she knows it is there. Gunjan says she felt she know about it. She throws it away, while Rachna smiles. Gunjan asks Mayank to close the curtains, she wakes up and thinks did she say Rachna or Mayank. She comes out to find a letter, saying they all had to leave, her breakfast is ready.
Seema was at the temple, she asks Mayank if his idea will really work. Mayank prays to God for help if he is forgiven.

PRECAP: Adi comes to Gunjan and tries to touch her. The family gathers there. Golu comes in rage towards Aadi.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. She can start remembering if everyone tells her the truth instead of being mute.

  2. Quite agree with u no one telling the truth

  3. this nonsense with gunjan and mayank needs to come to an end a grown woman like gunjan all of a sudden you in love with adi what childish actions both mayanks family and gunjan father are doing nonsense if even gunjan lost her memory in an accident get it back by bringing back the past to her that is the only way she would remember. jog her memory all you have to do is show her the wedding pictures and she would remember instead of beating around the bush with that sicko adi all these soaps are getting people frustrated some unnecessary storyline are being created come of it it is about time mayank and gunjan come back together as husband and wife.

  4. now im wondering if gunjan ever loved mayank….if she was so in love wit him before wont she kinda be drawn to him now and not someone else memory lost and all

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