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The head asks the villagers to tell the DM about the problems in the village without fearing anything. However kaka says that there is no problem in the entire village and after hearing this Gunjan is shocked. She asks kaka if there is electricity in his house or are the woman her safe. She requests the DM to ask the people himself. While the woman are not comfortable to discuss their problems with a man in the open and therefore decide to leave. Gunjan requests the woman not to leave without telling about their complaints. The DM warns Gunjan not to force the people and tells the villagers that he has came to help them and they have to inform him of their problems. A man from the villager says that they have no problem and are very happy. Gunjan says that these people are lying. The head

calls out at says to Gunjan that these people are not lying you are. He tells the DM that he does not understand that what this girl wants and shows that there is electricity here. The DM warns Gunjan of wasting his time and leaves. The Head tells everyone to go back to their houses. The head confronts Gunjan and says that the people of this village only under his language.
Mayank shows his car his family who are very happy. Mayank’ s aunt asks if he has told Gunjan about this but he says that he has tried to reach Gunjan but is unable to and even her phone is coming off. Rahul packs Gunjan’s stuff and asks her to leave instantly. Gunjan ask Rahul that why he did not say anything when the DM was present. He replies and said that he is not amazed because this is what always happens and it has 100 times before. He said that everyone works on the fingertips of Pradhan (the head). Chiraya says that he is saying the right thing. It is better for her to just leaves and she believes all her effort was in vain. Gunjan is determined to do everything but quit.
Mayank is still trying to call Gunjan while his family is praying. A gang of men reach Gunjan’s place with sticks lit on fire and one of them throws his stick at Gunjan’s house through the window which lights the curtain on fire. Rahul acts quickly and gets a bucket of water to put it out and succeeds. Gunjan finally receives the call from Mayank and tells him that the place has been surrounded. Mayank tells Gunjan to immediately come home and so does her aunt.
Rahul takes the phone from Gunjan and says that they do not have to worry any Gunjan is coming home and he himself will take him there. Gunjan cries out and says what is wrong with all of you? Till yesterday you were all working with me and now you are all against me. Rahul says that they have to leave immediately she cannot secure herself here and he has promised her family. There is no hope here Gunjan says Rahul. Chiraya agrees with Rahul and says that no one will ever say you left the battlefield. Gunjan cries and says that she is sorry that she failed and hugs Chiraya.
Mayank’s mother Seema is cooking. Her sister comes in very upset and asks when Mayank and Gunjan are going to return. Seema calms her sister down and tells that she has just talked to Mayank and they are coming back as they speak.
Mayank tells Gunjan all about his job in his car as they are coming back while Gunjan is recalling all her memories from the village. They finally reach home and Mayank asks what she thinks about his about his job. Gunjan is unable to reply as her mind is somewhere else. She excuses Mayank saying that she is very tired.
As they enter the house Mayank calls her mother and aunt that they are back. As she drinks the glass of water she realizes that how difficult it was for the people of the village to drink water and so she says that she is not thirsty. Gunjan says that she is very tired and goes to her bedroom. All she could think right now is the problems faced by the villagers. Mayank comes in her room and asks if she is okay. She pities herself for leaving the village

PRECAP:Rachna is dancing in the rain while KT looks with a smile. Then he grabs her and brings her to shade and puts his coat on her

Update Credit to: Sona

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  2. I thought that the story is of both of them gunjan nd rachna..but no i was wrong the story is only about gunjan as they always gives her the center stage

    1. They gave gunjan centre stage because rachna is an idiot.

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