Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 4th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 4th July 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 4th July 2013 Written Update

It starts with Mayank dancing with other girls and Gunjan getting mad. She tries to take him away, but Mayank pulls her and starts dancing with her. Mayank takes off his shirt which leaves Gunjan surprised. All girls surround Mayank which angers Gunjan and she leaves from there. Mayank runs after her. Gunjan tells him to wear shirt and hide lipstick marks. Mayank reminds her that someone said he won’t look shirtless. Gunjan says, yes, but now I am telling you to wear your shirt. Mayank finally cheers up Gunjan and they go out on the beach. Someone seemed to be listening their conversation.

Rachna checks destroyed clothes in her room and cries. Shayl comes there and says, there was no space in the house, so we kept this here. We have to throw them out in some

time anyways. Rachana asks her how to help her dad, but Shayl says, you don’t need to think about that… concentrate on studies. Shayl leaves.

Rachana again gets sad. Dholu comes and says, no one cares about me in this house. I got a project and no one is helping. Rachana says, I will help you.

A waiter loosens a chair’s base on Mayank’s reserved table. Gunjan and Mayank come. Gunjan sits on the chair and falls down. Mayank shouts at the manager. Gunjan calms him down. Worried Mayank hugs her. He the notices the same waiter looking at them again and again. The waiter notices Mayank looking at him and he runs away from there. Mayank chases him, but clashes with a lady and falls behind. Gunjan comes and asks Mayank whom he was following. Mayank lies saying he felt it was his friend, but it wasn’t him. Gunjan asks him, don’t you find something fishy? There is someone or something going on here.

The waiter comes to a lady who asks him if he did the work. The waiter says, I did, but not like how we wanted. Gunjan fell down from the chair, but she didn’t get hurt that much. The waiter is concerned about his job. The lady gives him lots of money and asks him to leave.

Face of the lady is shown now, and it’s none other than Charu. She says, how can they have happy honeymoon when I am here. This is just a start, Gunjan will leave after getting lots of gifts (getting hurt a lot) from here.

Dholu gives some stuff to Rachana and tells her that his project is about recycling and he wants an A. He has to use all that stuff and make something that’s environment friendly. He asks her to think of a smart idea. Shayl takes Dholu for lunch.

Rachana is thinking of something and Vihaan comes to her window. Rachana asks him to leave and closes the window. Vihaan pretends as if he got hurt and when Rachana gets worried, he winks to her. He gives her pakores and says, my mum made this.. I will go after you eat them. Rachana eats and says, you liar.. you bought from the stall and saying your mum made. Vihaan says, if you liked, then I will get more. There is a knock on the door. Rachana asks him to leave.

Dholu comes back and asks Rachana if she thought of any idea. Dholu sees pakores and eats them. Rachana notices a puppet in newspaper in which pakores were wrapped and she gets an idea for the project.

Gunjan and Mayank are in their room. Gunjan is missing their family. She asks Mayank if she can call home. Mayank says, go ahead. Gunjan sees someone’s shadow and tells this to Mayank. Mayank asks her to continue talking and he goes to check. He opens the window and sees a statue and laughs. He tells Gunjan, we came for the honeymoon, not to some horror park.. just chill. They decide to go out.

They are walking and Charu is hiding and looking at them. Gunjan feels as if someone is following them and she stops and checks.

Epi ends.

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