Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 4th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 4th February 2014 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 4th February 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with Rachna and KT answering the door and no one is there. A man (whom rescued them) give him his clothes and tells his all will be ok.
KT wants to go home as he remembers Dyal words however the lady tells him Rachna isn’t feeling better as yet. The man brings their phones as he has found them.

At home Mayank is wondering why hasn’t Gunjan home as yet. Shail is trying to call Rachna as they haven’t heard from her. She decides to go by Mausi house to find out if she knows anything. Gunjan enters and Mayank wants to know why is she so late she ignores him as Shail returns with no word from Mausi. Dyal also comes home wanting to know if anyone heard from Rachna. Gunjan tries calling from her cell phone as she get no answer.

Mausi enters and tells Shail that all is ok as she has heard from KT.

Dyal still not convinced same time KT calls from Rachna’s phone, Shail ask if all is ok with them as he doesn’t know what to tell her. However he tells her that they are running a bit late and will have to spend the night but not to worry as they both have separate rooms. Shail ask to speak to Rachna but KT turns around and she”s still unconscious on the bed and tells shail that she’s busy.

Upon hearing this Dyal gets upset and wants to go for Rachna himself but Mausi tells him not to take tension by the time he gets there it will be morning and they will be coming same time. He agrees and they all leave.

Gunjan then turns to Mayank and said now answer my question, he says answer mine 1st. She said that she was out with her friends just like how he was out with his friends last night. He ask why she didn’t call him or answer his calls. She said what would her friend think just like his friends would have taught. He realized her point and apologies but she says no so easy he has to do better than that, he then tells her about a romantic dinner with candle lights but she tries to play hard to get and says you can do better than that.

In the mean time KT is pacing the room Rachna is in wondering that her parents will think that he didn’t stic to his promise. Same time someone is spying by the window.

The man call a woman (NITYA) they didn’t show her face and tells her all is done as planned and she tells him to go ahead with all plans.

Gunjan is in her room when her phone rings and its KT and he tells her that he and Rachna are in some trouble but the phone battery dies and the call cuts off. Gunjan tries calling back but the phone is turned off. Mayank enters the room and Gunjan tells him about the call and thinks something is wrong but Mayank tells her notto worry as they just called Shail. Gunjan still isn’t convinced.

Next morning Rachna wakes up and thanks the lady that rescued them for the night for taking care of her and doesn’t know how to thank her enough.

At home Shail calls to Seema to make tea whist she goes to get the newspaper. She reads the front and the picture of KT and Rachna is at the back. She walk in the papers and put in down on the table as Seema calls her for the tea. When she returns she picks up the paper and mumbles something as she continue to read the papers she sees the picture of KT in his towel and Rachan on the bed covered with a blanket. Dyal comes as put on his glasses as Shail is frozen with what she just saw. He takes the paper from her and is shocked to see what’s on it and falls into a chair. Scene freezes with Dyal shocked face.

Precap: A woman come to the Garg’s house and taunts shail that her daughter isn’t married yet and is spending suhagrat, whilst the door is open and KT and Rachna walks in.

Update Credit to: shenramdass

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  1. Bibi Ameena Rafiek

    God y is nitya so selfish she is another evil eye like chaur

  2. She is more cunning than charu idiot nitya pls remove her frm d show

  3. Poor rachna nd kt!why is this stupid nitya doing soo?But i thank God dat its SSLK,d true colours of nitya wud soon b out…and i hope Gunjan wud fight 4 her!

  4. Y she iz doing all this

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