Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 3rd November 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 3rd November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Seema tells Gunjan she was being worried about her. Gunjan doesn’t understand and apologizes for coming without informing. Prabhu comes and says that guests come by informing, and she isn’t a guest. Shayl also affirms that this is her own house. Gunjan hugs Shayl. Seema says she will set Rachna’s room, Gunjan must stay there. Gunjan heads there, but Shayl stops her and thinks about checking for her past memories in the room. Gunjan says she isn’t hungry, still Seema takes her inside to eat something.
Rachna notices the suspected door open. She recalls Lucky had told her, that this room was prohibited. She was afraid, still heads to peek through it. She thinks she must leave going inside. Her pen drops, and in a quest to pick it she peeks in. No one was there, she goes inside.

asks Shayl did Gunjan tells her why she had to leave her home. Shayl says she is already tensed. Seema says that as much as she knows, the problem must be a big one. Shayl thinks about calling Akaash, the door bell rings. Seema opens the door, it was Akaash. He looks inside, and asks about Gunjan. They say she is here, Akaash says he also wants her to stay here. She was going to do a big mistake; the guy she found isn’t worth her; that Aadi. Gunjan’s place is in this house, she is their’s and Mayank’s. Gunjan calls Papa! from behind.
There was dust all around inside the room. Rachna coughs harder. The easy chair rolls itself, making her even afraid. There lies an embellished dupatta. Rachna struggles to pull it, but it was stuck under the cabinet. She finds an expensive bangle, and recalls it was in the photo the butler was taking home the other day. She finds the photo there, too.

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Gunjan asks her dad, what is this all. Shayl heads to explain, but Gunjan says she doesn’t want to listen to anything. Gunjan says she won’t go back home, she had never thought in her dreams that he will fix her marriage without asking her. Akaash says that Aadi.. Gunjan says Aadi what? He loves her, and she likes him too; and he didn’t give Aadi a single chance. Shayl says that this isn’t the right time, and asks Akaash to leave right now. Seema was lost, Shayl tells her not to worry; everything will be alright. Seema was taken aback, that Gunjan loves someone else and not her Mayank. Shayl says that she must trust Mayank’s love, and the good thing is that Gunjan is back to her home.
There, Rachna moves to removing the cloth draped on the photo. A lady places hand on her shoulder, she turns around. The lady had mask on her face, and screams in fear asking Rachna who is she. Lalit comes there, and asks Rachna what she is doing here. Rachna explains that the door was open so she entered. He introduces her to his wife, who was still afraid. Lalit says to Rachna, that they should keep this room locked, and see the other parts of the house. Rachna enters a room, thanking that strict man isn’t here. She says this is such a boring room, how they live here. She looks at the bed, and calls a maid to help her. She decorates the room, changing its condition. Lucky’s father arrives then, in the room. He throws his jacket on the bed, in anger and calls Govind Kaka- the butler. He asks what is this all, why these plants and all. He says he wants his room, as it was in the morning. Rachna tries to explain. He shouts that she must remain quiet. She says she was just doing her work. He says she has the full house to do her work, she must now leave.
Gunjan thanks Mayank for letting her stay, she will leave soon. Mayank says she won’t go anywhere. Adi comes and says Gunjan is right. Gunjan is shocked to see him, he says he is going to arrange a living for them, he will take her, his home with full respect. He kneels down and asks will you marry me? Gunjan looks at Mayank. Seema is shocked, so is everyone else. He takes Gunjan’s hand, and puts the ring in her finger. Mayank smiles, as Gunjan looks at her.

PRECAP: Aadi promises Gunjan to take care of her always.

Update Credit to: Sona

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