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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 3rd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

KT was busy in taking pics of his dummy. Rachna brings the paper to her. He asks do you have a sour throat. She thinks she must teach him the love talk. She tells him that he is a star; he says I know that I am a star of my industry. She says that he must try in the bollywood too; he can play a good angry young man. He asks did she finish her work, she asks him to tell did he get her message. He says that he wanted to talk her about it that he doesn’t like saying it all daily. She asks doesn’t he love her; he says I do, but I don’t think it is necessary to say it again and again. She says it is, and goes away telling him she has been working on his task. She goes to her seat and watches KT busy with the work, they both share flying kiss with each other. KT comes and asks Rachna is she

done with the drawing, she comes back from her day-dreaming and says it will be done in a while but before that she must bring coffee for him. KT says no thanks; she must concentrate on her work.
Mayank looks in his screen a lady coming out of the boss’ cabin. He comes out; he asks the man and asks is that lady our boss; why didn’t he let him meet her. He tells him that she is busy today. He takes Mayank to show something to him, it is a new car. Mayank recalls Gunjan saying that with new job will come bigger car.
Gunjan takes to paper to the DM office and his secretary after checking the file says that there is still a problem. These all are the names of men, and only one female signature here in the end. DM comes there himself, Gunjan says that they brought the signatures of 25 families as they told them to. DM suggests that he will visit the Birpur village himself and address the problems of people there personally.
Rachna sees a girl working with KT, she comes to see that the girl is standing so close to him. She asks KT if he can see the designs on her table. The girl leaves, KT asks Rachna what has to be seen in them. Rachna says they are just alright, but she just wanted to take the girl away from her. she says that she is very hungry and they should go out. KT says no way, she can go and must come back within 15 minutes. Rachna insists that she wont go until he goes with her. Dadi comes and asks KT to get repair her glasses, Rachna says that it is a good idea, they can also have lunch together. Dadi also urges KT to go.
Gunjan is worried that will the villagers speak about their problems to the DM. Chiraya says that until the head is here, no one will say a word. Rahul says he has an idea. They listen to him, Gunjan says that no one should know that we spread this rumour.
Chiraya come home and asks her mom is she already here. Her mom asks what happened, she tells her that in that mandir hawan is going to take place. She leaves calling Chiraya’s father. Chiraya asks for forgiveness that she had no other way to gather the villagers. The villagers got to know from each other. Vikram comes and tell his father.
KT asks Rachna in the car, that why did she come here with him, and insists upon leaving her work. She says that if she doesn’t do it today, then when they will do it. And one must not get involved in the professional work so much that you forget about the personal life. KT says that his professional life is the most important to him; they will go home and order something. Rachna sees a gol gappa stall and says she has found the food. She runs to the stall, KT follows. They have gol gappay together, after they are done, Rachna says that we will race to the car. They both run and get to the car at a time; and laugh.
The villagers gather at the mandir, they ask who spread this rumour that there is hawan here. Gunjan comes forward. The villager says what this joke is. They criticize that she doesn’t have a right to play with their beliefs. The DM comes there. Gunjan thanks him to be here. He says it is my duty, he says that she told me that there are problems, and asks what are their problems. Gunjan asks why you all are quiet; tell him about your problems. She asks why they signed this paper. They were quiet, she comes to an elder, and asks him to speak. He was about to say something when the head and Vikram comes and tells him to speak. He says namaskar to DM and asks the elder to speak. He says that here in the village, there is fresh water and all the peace, why she called the DM. DM tells him to be quiet and not to say anything. The villagers speak to each other; Kaka says that we have no problems here.

PRECAP: The villagers says that they have no problems here, they even have electricity in their houses. The head shows DM that the bulb is lighted. Gunjan is shocked to see this.

Update Credit to: Sona

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