Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 31st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 31st October 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 31st October 2013 Written Update

Gunjan asks the goons to bring some water to drink. She stealthily pulls out cell phone from a goon’s back pocket.

Mayank is at police station watching the video footage shown in the tv. He notices a dupatta stuck in the red car and tells police that this is Gunjan’s dupatta so she must be there in the car or somewhere nearby. Gunjan tries to call Mayank from the cellphone. Meanwhile Mayank gets a call from some salesman and asks him not to disturb him. Gunjan again tries to call Mayank but he disconnects the phone repeatedly thinking that the salesman is calling again. The goons are playing cards and while one of them tries to get some money from the pocket he notices that his cell-phone is missing and he starts shouting “where is my cellphone?”.

Gunjan hears that and quickly tries to send sms to Mayank in which she gives her hints like “rose scent, heavy machinery sound etc.” Meanwhile the goon tries calling his own cellphone(to find it) using another goon’s phone. The phone in Gunjan’s hand rings, the goons notice that and come running to her. Gunjan shouts “police police” to distract them and in between she sends the sms successfully. The goon asks her to give the cellphone back, she throws it. He tries to pull her hair, but the other goon reminds him that their boss have asked them not to hurt her. They tie her back and talk among themselves that she must have called somewhere. The other once says that no she didn’t get the chance to do so, but we must inform our boss. In the police station they take out the list red cars in the city. There are 97 of them. Mayank says it does not matter even if there were 1000 , he would find it out.

In Garg house everyone is sitting while Mayank comes. Seema asks him if he found any clue. She also asks him why didn’t he pick up his calls. Mayank says he didn’t get any calls as his cellphone got discharged. He take out his cell phone and connects to charger and gets shocked to see the sms from Gunjan. Rachna says “let’s go to police and inform them”. The come out of home to got to police station while Rachna recognizes a man walking in the street as the same man who tried to kidnap her. She tells everybody, the man hears it and tries to run away. Mayank, Prabhu and Akashji also start running behind to catch him. After some running-hiding scene Mayank gets hold of him, slaps him and asks where is Gunjan and who told you to kidnap her? He points his finger towards a poster of a politician “Ramakant Tiwari” saying he has done done it and runs away again. Meanwhile Prabhu, Akash and Rachna arrive and ask him what happened. Mayank agrily tell them everything. Akash and Prabhu tell him to cool down and say Tiwari is a powerful man, so he shouldn’t take any decisions in hurry. Rachna says they’ll have to make a plan.

Ramakant Tiwari is in his office talking to his assistants. Another assistant arrives and tell him that there is bad news that Shalini Pandey has got more publicity than him because of Gunjan. Once of his assistants suggest that if Gunjan can disappear why can’t Shalini? Tiwari tells his assistant to do something and then says “this work should be done very cleverly”.

Shalini Pandey is doing navaratri puja/aatri. The same man who tried to kidnap Rachna arrives near her and Shalini looks at him. He says Shalini how Mayank nearly caught him today and he misguided Mayank by pointing towards Tiwari. Shalini smiles at him and says “Shabash”. She then put “tika” on his forehead and get some photos clicked with him. She then asks him to disppear from here.
Shalini then calls a person called “Jagan”. It is the same goon who is with Gunjan right now. She asks him to keep Gunjan there till the election day morning. On that morning Shalini will take out Gunjan and say to everybody that she has found out Gunjan. She had planned all this in order to gain sympathy and votes from the youth. Shalini then completes her puja and everybody aound her shout the slogan “Shalini Pandey will win”. Mayank arrives there and tells her that he got many clues and he has found out the person behind Gunjan’s kidnapping. Shalini looks at her and says you have come at right time. Get some “Devi Maa’s prasad” from panditji. Mayank furthur tells her about the video footage and the red car. Shalini acts as if she is very happy and says “wow that is a very good news that you got so many clues”. Mayank tells hi the name of the person behind all this is “Tiwari”. Shalini looks relieved and says that she knew that opposition party is behind all this. She then asks Mayank to go back home and says she’ll look into this matter further. Mayank thanks her and leaves. Shalini thinks to herself ” I should thank you Mayank because you have made our work more easy by giving us all this information”.

precap: 1)Shalini tells her assistants that no one should know the whereabouts of Gunjan.
2)The goon “Jagan” tells shalini about the sms.
3)Mayank arrives near that location.

Update Credit to: kuin

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