Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 31st January 2013 Written Episode Update


Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 31st January 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 31st January 2013 Written Update

Rachna is worried about the college as everyone would ask her about her engagement. Sangeeta suggests her not to go college, as it would be difficult for her to face all. Shail when giving aarti, Rachna says she will be going college as she had not done any of the mistake so why she fears. Chaaya came to take Rachna, when they proceeded for college they saw Vihaan is on gate asking for Gunjan, he was making Rachna jealous. But Chaaya continues and says they should live. Whole ladies of the family sees Vihaan standing out of the gate, buaji scolds him but Vihaan ignores everything and asks her to call Gunjan. Gunjan comes and Vihaan asks her to sit on his bike, Gunjan denies but Vihaan makes remind of one week issue and Gunjan got ready. Sangeeta taunts her that if any other girl was on the place of Gunjan would not have got ready for college, but Gunjan is doing that.

Chaaya and Rachna enters in college and some girls surrounds them asking her about the engagement but Chaaya changes the topic. Meanwhile the newly engaged couple on bike and everyone shocked to see them together and asks Rachna. Rachna went away. Everyone asks Chaaya about what has happened. Chaaya tells everyone than Vihaan is engaged to Gunjan not Rachna.

Here at home, Chaaru makes issue of Gunjan living in their house. Mayank tells whole family clearly that he don’t care for their marriage as it was all done forcefully. He cares for Gunjan and will always support her. Chaaru got angry and scolds Seema. Sangeeta makes an issue at house that she is not taking any decision regarding Gunjan. Whole family had lot of debate at house.
One of Rachna’s friend asks Rachna that why she hadn’t stay away from Gunjan as she is from a big city, and could effect her in any way and she had did it. Chaaya says to close the topic. Vihaan comes holding Gunjan’s hand and announces that he is giving treat to everyone, in the canteen. For making Rachna jealous, he asks Gunjan to hug him. Rachna can’t tolerate it so gone from there. Gunjan denies after making a reason, that she is an Indian girl and she has shame in doing that. Afterwards, Vihaan debating Gunjan about why she had not hugged him as he can do anything, and Gunjan asks her not to cross the limits as she don’t have any patience and added that she is doing all this because of Rachna.

Dholu bring some papers to Mayank to make paper plane, Mayank got that letter in those papers, written by Vihaan’s friend and he reads that and got shocked. Mayank asks Dholu as from where he had brought the papers, he replies that he had brought them from Rachna’s room.

Mayank asks Gunjan about the letter Gunjan replies that she don’t know about all this, meanwhile Mayank asks Vihaan’s friend to come in front. Gunjan got shocked.

Update Credit to: awesum life

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