Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 2nd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 2nd October 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 2nd October 2013 Written Update

All the girls go for shopping, and talks about how much money, they are going to spend, Rachna is worried, a girl comes and meets her if she is going shopping and Rachna goes. She meets Dayal and they both going to shop for materials and Nidhi, the girl offers them a drop in her car, they leave and Nidhi tells the driver if he knows what to do, he says yes.
Nidhi then says that Rachna will always remember this favour.

At home Mayank ask Seema if she saw Rachna, Seema starts saying if she is not home again and starts badmouthing Gunjan. Mayank tells her Gunjan can never do anything wrong. Seema keeps quarreling about Gunjan and Mayank’s job. But Mayank tells her he got the job!

Rachna is in a line, some guys come behind her and says she has

no shame and stuff. Gunjan hears and turns around and starts giving them a speech about women who are victims and stuff and about women rights. Everybody in the line starts clapping for her, the photocopying man also claps for her and offers her free photocopying but she refuses. Then one of the boys comes and aks for sorry, everybody around says they support her and take a copy of her Surviour or Victim movement paper.

Rachna and Dayal are on their way to the market while Gunjan is sharing out copies of her movement to people. Dayal tells the driver to stop the car and he and Rachna comes out of the car! Rachna calls Gunjan and tells her the situation she is in. Gunjan calls Mayur, a boy from Delhi and gets him to help Rachna find her way. Nidhi calls Rachna and tells her everybody has reached already, Rachna tells her she will reach soon.

Rachna buys all her materials and worries about the money but Dayal tells her not to worry.

Everybody has already starting designing and sewing, a lady comes and finds Rachna missing and makes an announcement for Rachna to come.

Apparently,Dayal is sick but he tells Rachna to hurry and go. Dayal collapses on the floor. Rachna prays to Lord Ganesh and begins to work.

Some guys come and help Dayal stand up and tells them not to tell Rachna, Nidhi sees and decides to go tell Rachna.

At home, Shail comes and ask Seema where Gunjan is, Seema says she doesn’t know and it’s nothing new. The door bell rings and Seema goes and sees a lot of women standing outside their house looking for Gunjan. They tell Seema that they are supporting Gunjan and everybody should have a DIL like her. Shail comes and ask what is going on.

Dayal is by a doctor, Dayal has high fever and the doctor says to keep his phone on silent not to disturb him. Nidhi writes a letter to Rachna to inform her about her father and send it.

Rachna is working hard while a girl intentionally throws a bottle of water on Rachna’s work.

Precap: Nidhi comes and tells Rachna about her dad and she rushes to go see him. A girl is seen walking on the runway but her face is not shown.

Update Credit to: radev101

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