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Gunjan comes to the DM office. Peon stops her and says she has to take appointment before she can meet him. he sees his notebook and says she can get an appointment after 3 months. She says she doesn’t have the time, she will wait here. The peon says as you wish.
Rachna gives KT the fruit trifle. He gets a call, and ask Rachna did she check her mail. She sees the mail and says she got a mail 5 minutes ago. KT says what has happened to her, when she was told to keep checking the mail why doesn’t she concentrate. He leaves the table angrily saying why doesn’t she understand how important this contract is for him.
Peon tells Gunjan that it is 6 pm and time for DM to go home. She requests him to let her meet for just five minutes but he refuses. She sees a water cooler and a

glass nearby. She throws the glass on floor, and then the other. Everyone including the DM comes out. He asks what is this all, she tells him that she has been waiting for him for 5 hours; but no one here let her meet him. He scolds the staff and asks her apology. She shows him the file with the statistics. She tells him there is no electricity and toilet, due to which the women are unsafe in Birpur. She says she is sure if he takes a step, it can be improved. He says he will propose for the funds to get the facilities for the people of Birpur. She thanks him saying his wait didn’t go invain.
Chiraya wait for her in the way. She tells her to be vigilant. Gunjan tells her that she met DM today, and their problems will be solved soon. Vikram hears them.
KT and Rachna were in the workshop. Rachna thinks it is 8 pm, had she ask him to leave he will be angry. She thinks of calling her mom, as soon as she pick up the cell phone KT calls her for help. KT gets a call, it was Shayl; he says he will send her soon. He asks Rachna why didn’t she tells him that she is getting late. She packs up and tells KT to eat something. He says he is not a child and can take care of her.
Gunjan comes to DM office, his secretary asks her what she has to do. She tells him that DM promised to sanction some money for the fund. He tells her that she will have to bring an application signed by 25 families. She is worried.
Mayank comes to the office, the receptionist tells him to wait while a man comes to take him along.
The man brings Mayank to a cabin. Mayank asks whose cabin is this; he tells him that this is his personal cabin. Mayank doesn’t believe this and says he must be wrong. The man asks is he Mayank Garg? Then this is his cabin. Mayank is in shock and thinks Gunjan must be here to share this with her. The man comes to a lady holding Mayank’s CV and tells her that he really didn’t believe. She tells him to go.
Rachna comes across Shayl and drops her cell phone. Shayl sees the message saying I miss you, she asks for who is this? Rachna says it is for Gunjan as she misses her. Shayl agrees. Rachna leaves telling Shayl she might be late today. Shayl prays for all her daughters.
Rahul tells Gunjan to go back as none of the villager will sign with the fear of the head. Gunjan is determined, Chiraya comes and tells Gunjan that she is with her. She promises she is with her, Gunjan hugs her.
Mayank is welcomes in the office, and receives bouquet. He is welcomed and told to take over.
Mayank remembers Gunjan and thinks it all seems like a dream to him. He thinks about calling her, but the number is unreacheable. A girl comes inside, introduces herself as Sheetal and says she is his personal secretary. She tells him that Mr. Batra sent her to show him the office. Mayank asks if she would be able to meet the boss, she tells him there is important meeting in the boss’ office and she might not be free to meet him. He goes out to see the office. The boss calls her man and tells her about something.
Gunjan and Chiraya go home to home. Vikram sees them and begins following. Vikram come to a house following them, but they hide. Gunjan says she feels frustrated that the last signature is left but there is no home in the village left who can sign. Chiraya says she is eighteen years of age and she can do the last sign.

PRECAP: Mayank is shocked to see as someone has arrived in the office.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Since Kt and rachna confess they love to each other , every day episode both of them is having problem , I don’t think they relationship is going to last

  2. mayank…………charu????

  3. @Normila I also agree with u confess ke bad ye dono sirf quarrel kar rahe hai? pata nehi writers ko kya ho gaya hai hmm ye tik nehi wale hai… hmmmmmm….. 😐

  4. sorry its Normilla ryt 🙂 sorry spelling mistake

  5. really thats what the big wait was for after kt and rachan confess their luv…..stuepsss better they didnt bother….borin

  6. Total boring rachna is such a fool kt is older she playing school love if thats what she wants bring back vihan or rajeev sir plzzz i fed up of this show

  7. need some more excitement in kt and rachna story…where is the love..their love story suppose to be one of the best in zee tv..

  8. CHARU is back.kt is so stupid first he was madly in love with rachna now he is behaving stupid .finally gungan help the village and that part is over it was so boring

  9. charu back again we going all de way round again this soap is boring i think is tyime for it to come off air now

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