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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 29th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chiraya’s father apologize Gunjan, her mother also says that Chiraya has become the head just because of you; we won’t ever be able to owe anything to you. Gunjan says that you have to apologize, and say sorry too; will you do whatever I ask for. She says they should marry Chiraya and Rahul. Chiraya runs inside, her parents say that they can’t get someone better than him. he asks Rahul if he agrees. He says shyly, that he agrees. Chiraya asks Gunjan to stay till their wedding. Gunjan says I don’t want to come between you too, Mayank must be missing me. She puts their hands together and tells Rahul not to tease Chiraya.

Shayl wakes up at night and thinks who can it be. It was 11.10. Bauji asks shayl why isn’t she sleeping, is something worrying you. She says it is nothing

like that and lies down. Rachna is all ready in her room, she comes out and carefully peeks into Shayl’s window saying sorry to her and thinks she will tell them everything tomorrow. Shayl sees her leaving and takes her purse; she thinks what is this happening, the daughter she so trusted has to be stalked today. She was about to open the bolt of the main door that Bauji asks where she is going at this time of night. Rachna comes to the hotel and asks the manager if everything is ready. KT also comes out of his car, Bauji and Shayl arrive by rickshaw but they don’t see each other. The manager asks KT about his name and takes him along into a hall. The cake was ready, Rachna lights the candle and comes towards him. He says it is all very beautiful. He says you are giving me the biggest gift by telling your family all about us tomorrow. Rachna gets saddened at it, and says what might be their reaction after listening to it; they might not be able to meet again. KT assures him that one day she has to tell everything; and does she like lying. She says he was right, she shouldn’t have told the lie and asks will everyone agree for their relation. KT holds her face and says I hope so, we love each other, and their must not be any issue to them. He sees the time is 12, they cut the cake; she gives him the card. KT looks at her and says thank you so much Rachna, I will never forget this birthday as no one ever did such thing to me. He asks for her hand to dance.

Shayl and Bauji looks for Rachna. During the dance, Rachna fells down. Shayl hears the voice and says how will she go home this way. KT takes her along, as Shayl and Bauji enters the hall. KT takes Rachna the other way in the corridor from Bauji and Shayl. Shayl watches Rachna from the corner of the corridor and runs after her.

Gunjan comes into the room and kiss Mayank on his cheek. He opens his eyes, and says you. He lights the lamp and sees it is Gunjan. He asks couldn’t she tell him she was coming. She asks where is everyone at home. Mayank says he doesn’t know.

KT and Rachna comes into a room. KT drapes his coat as Rachna was feeling cold. The waiter brings the towel, KT tells her to clean her shirt. She was heading inside when the door knocks again, it is police. The inspector tells him that it is enough of their romance, lets come down. KT tries to argue but they take them down. In the hall, the police inspector tells them they got to know there is drug trafficking going on here. KT talks to the inspector while Rachna is about to cry. Shayl sees her, Bauji also looks at her. They both run to her. The inspector tells them to ask from her what she was doing with her boyfriend in her room. KT explains that they went in the room to clean her dress, they are boss and assistant. Bauji comes and stops KT and tells the inspector they want to take their daughter home. The inspector says you people make good stories, KT shouts that I am Kabir Tripati, a leading fashion designer; they are her parents. The inspector allows them to go home noting their address. KT thinks Bauji once said that winning the trust is the best thing, and they trust their daughter.

PRECAP: At home, Bauji asks Rachna where did she go so late with him. She says I love KT, KT also tells him he loves her. Shayl and Dadi were shocked.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Woo hoo! I thought that Rachna would chicken out. A on bravery for Rachna!

  2. rachna is getting very brave to speak up i hope that bravery will not land her in problems

  3. OMG !!! WHat an episode !!! Rachna !! I Love her 🙂 🙂

  4. oww…. quite unexpected I didn’t think tht rachna will spoke her love before her family 😐 very bravery work 😐 I hope this doesn’t start their new problems 🙁

  5. Wow , Kt is so romantic

  6. this is all i have been saying that her lies will bring problems i just hope the mother helps and gunjan too

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