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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 28th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gunjan comes back home, everyone welcomes her and they head to temple for prayer. Shayl asks Bindia to give aarti to everyone. Seema says Gunjan is back home, she will give aarti to everyone. Seema asks Bindia to bring some water in a pot, Bindia thinks will she be left a servant.
Shayl says that Gunjan and Mayank should be married once again. Seema says she has thought, till they get married the boy’s family get separated. Shayl asks Gunjan to join her, Rachna is sandwiched between the two. Rachna says she is her sister’s party. Dayal sides Gunjan while Prabhu says he hasn’t any choice but to stay with his wife. Golu says he is both’s party. Rachna asks Binida where she will stay, Seema says she is their party. Seema tells Gunjan that Bindia helped them, making them one.

Shayl also says that Bindia is a part of their family. Rachna asks for a family photo. Gunjan asks her to take a family photo. Bindia says she wanted to be a part of it, but never mind. As she takes the photo, she thinks she must do something really soon, or she will have to go.
Gunjan stands on the terrace, smiling. Bindia comes and asks the reason. Gunjan says she doesn’t know when was the last time, that she was so happy. Gunjan thanks her for doing all that she did, and asks where does she live, her family must be missing her. Bindia asks she means feed, drape, and then leave. Gunjan says she didn’t mean it, it is just that Bindia must have her life and she has caught here. She asks she is an actress, right. She will asks Mayank to extra pay her, at pack up. She tells Gunjan Rachna is calling her, when Gunjan leaves. Bindia says she isn’t going anywhere.
Rachna and Gunjan enjoy the bed time, Mayank calls Gunjan. Rachna snatches the phone and they must not talk to each other right now. Mayank thinks he is a hero, and will becomes so if Rachna wants to be a villain. He switches the bulb on and off. Gunjan watches this and smiles recalling the past times.
Bindia asks Aadi to think about something, not to let Gunjan be their daughter in law no. 1.
Gunjan heads to leave, Rachna asks where she is going. Gunjan smiles that she will be back in a while and is going to washroom. Rachna wonders she had just gone there. Mayank waits for her in the terrace, Gunjan comes there and asks he wanted to see she remembers this or not. He say he wants to tell her she is even more beautiful. He watches her, and before they could get cozy with each other, Seema and Shayl come there taunting each other and ultimately Gunjan and Mayank have to go.
Bindia says to Aadi that will he get another girl, he must get Gunjan caught. Aadi asks Bindia for an idea. Bindia discusses one.
Gunjan was going to take water, when Bindia enters the house with cat’s feet. She goes upstairs, and enters Gunjan’s room. Confirming, that Rachna is asleep she heads forward and hits the bed. Rachna turns, but Bindia is careful and opens the wardrobe. SHe takes some clothes from the cupboard. Gunjan turns to come back, and as she enters the room she is shocked to see the cupboard open. Bindia hid behind the sofa, Gunjan closes the door of wardrobe, and locks the door. Bindia leaves the room carefully.
The next day, Shayl shows Gunjan the wedding dress Rachna has designed for her. Gunjan labels her the best designer in Banaras, and says KT’s shop will be closed. She apologizes Rachna for saying so. Rachna says she has moved on. Gunjan asks they must be in much pain, due to her memory loss. Seema comes and says they have done a lot for her, and wants her to lock her both hands. She hands her two bangles, which she gifted her when she first came here as a bride. Gunjan assures she will always stay here. Bindia peeks through the door, and says this won’t end much. Bindia gets a call, Aadi tells her to wait for the door bell. She says Seema should only get the parcel.

PRECAP: Aadi had sent Gunjan’s night wears in the parcel, saying she had left them to his home as it was hers as well, then. Bindia gives the parcel to Seema.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. so bindia is the new Villain

  2. Bindia should get lost.

  3. Omg why can’t they let Ginjan and Mayank get married and be done with it. Now both Seema and Mayank will think wrongly of Gunjan and I hope this doesn’t lead to another breakdown. Story is ridiculous

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