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In the village, Gunjan, Rahul and Chiraya come to the location where toilets should have been. They say there is nothing over here; they are just making fool of us. Chiraya asks what we will do next. Gunjan asks that if something is stolen from you, where you will go. The police officer asks what got stolen from you people. Gunjan tells them that their toilets have been stolen; all the police men laugh. Gunjan says that it is written in the official papers that toilets are there, but they are not; have they not been stolen. The police man says that they aren’t fool to enter such an F.I.R. Gunjan tells him to be ready for facing what comes to him as he is denying his duty. The women stood and hooted the appreciation for the minister. He comes and asks why they are appreciating him. Gunjan

says we came here to say thank you to you for getting the toilets made at Birpur. Gunjan invites him to come for the inauguration. All the women buck him up. He agrees and tells his secretary that tomorrow they will come to Birpur to inaugurate. DM comes to the head and tells him that the minister is coming here to inaugurate the toilets, where are the toilets and what will they inaugurate. Vikram and his father get worried. The DM says it has all been done by that Gunjan. DM tells them to decide first what they must do for the minister to come. The head says that the only way is to get it made within one night. They labourer works at the night, the head thinking this would the minister will never know. Gunjan, Rahul and Chiraya peeked from behind the tree. Gunjan was worried that if the toilets are made, minister wont get to know about the head’s true face. The labourers apologized that they won’t be able to complete it till morning. The head deters them to kill the men, but the walls of the toilets get smashed. Gunjan, Rahul and Chiraya laughs, Chiraya hugs Rahul but gets separated as Gunjan looks at them. Gunjan takes a leave, Chiraya also leave.

In the morning, the head is nowhere to be seen, though the arrangements of the toilet inauguration are complete. He arrives and comes to stage; he notices that there are no toilets. He asks Gunjan, she tells him that it is written in the files that the toilets have been made, but where are they. The minister asks the DM. The head and Vikram come and announces that the toilets are just here.  The head comes and greets the minister, he then points to Vikram. Vikram whistles and the trucks standing there get aside revealing the prepared toilets. Gunjan and fellows were shocked; Gunjan thinks where they were made. The DM asks how did you like our toilets, we are the true savers of this region. The minister goes to cut the ribbon, but all at once the walls fell down. The minister asks what is this? Gunjan, Rahul and Chiraya appear from behind the walls. The DM says that this girl has made our lives difficult; the head says that this girl damaged the public toilets. The minister asks what do you want Gunjan. She says she wants the betterment of this village, that is why I have come here leaving my house but you have seen the condition here, there is no electricity and toilets though they are mentioned in the office records, the respect of women isn’t safe also. The minister ends the heads and DM’s game and tells the inspector to take them along. The minister appreciates Gunjan and promises her that in one week there will be electricity and toilet. He says that what lacks here is that there needs to be a good leader, why don’t you fight for the minister’s seat. Gunjan says that she isn’t from the village and has a lot more responsibility, but she can nominate someone for the head; she takes Chiraya’s name. The minister announces that do they think Chiraya can be the head? They all say yes. The minister announces that the next election will be fought by Chirya. They all hug her.

Rachna is sad in her room, as she thinks about the lie she told her mom. She was crying and calls KT. She says that she want to say something to him. He asks are you crying, she changes her tone and says that she want to wish him his birthday tomorrow. Maybe her family wont let her meet him after they tell them. KT tells her to think again, she says she has think about it and gives him the address of a resturant. Shayl overhears her and thinks she must catch her red handed.

PRECAP: Rachna and KT dance together in the restaurant. The police comes and hand-cuff them all as they heard there is drug trafficking going on. Shayl and Bauji comes there.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. OMG !!! Rachna is cautched red handed !! i know it will have some problems…..her family will not let her work with KT neither go out of the house…

  2. OMG rachna n kt are in trouble nw 😐 I am so happy fr gunjun bcoz SHE DID IT 😀 YIPEEEEEE….. ^_^

  3. Omg rachna in big big chubble!

  4. Haha the writers are so lame. The same thing happened when she wad selling those hand made bags with vihaan, the police raided the place…this story is HOPELESS!!!

    1. I agree !

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