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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 27th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Om brings Lalit’s wife with him, and the gun as well. He asks Lalit painfully, that he killed his wife. He must now end the game, as he now know what has happened. Gopal came to forbid him to take milk, Lalit’s wife had brought. Om was awake and snatched the gun from his wife’s hand. He points the gun at Lalit and calls that his game is finished now.
Gunjan takes Lucky, he asks where is maa. Mayank comes there, and says he couldn’t find the secret door. Gopal is also speechless about it.
Lalit points at his wife to hold a nearby lying vase. She hits Om’s head, the gun drops. Lalit holds the gun on Rachna’s forehead. Lalit says he will be ended now, and his wife’s alike will also be.
Lucky recognizes Lalit’s voice, they look for the passage there. Lalit

and his wife laugh. Gunjan watches the tilted painting.
Lalit says to Om, that he will engrave him near his dead wife. She is also engraved here, at this very place. Om watches Lalit painfully.
Gunjan removes the painting, they enter opening the door. Lalit points the gun at Rachna, Om calls No. The police siren rings, his wife was afraid and snatches his arm. The gun fells down, Om says he won’t leave him alive. Rachna asks him to stop, but he isn’t ready to hear this. The wife takes a knife to Lucky’s neck, and asks him to drop the gun. Rachna and Lucky call him for help. Om throws the gun on the floor, Lucky claps and appreciates his wife, then Rachna for having a mother’s heart. He laughs, and bends to pick up the gun when Om hits him. Gunjan attacks on Lalit’s wife, Rachna takes Lucky. Gunjan snatches the knife off her hand and holds her. Om watches his wife’s dupatta, and the bangle. He sits and crys with it, recalling the times with her. The police get there, and arrest Lalit and his wife. Rachna comes to Om, and consoles him as he cries.

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update rest para hereOm says he doesn’t know how to thank them, still he says thankyou to him. Gunjan says he saved Rachna, had anything happened to Rachna she couldn’t have forgive herself. Om says she was in problem because of him, he couldn’t do this to Divia. Lucky asks will maa go away now. He tells him that maa has gone, a long time ago. Lucky says she is here. Om tells him that she resembles his maa, but isn’t his maa. Rachna cries watching him. Gunjan brings Lucky to herself, and tells him that his maa has gone to God. Those who are really good are called by God and are turned into stars. Lucky says how she knows. Gunjan says her maa has also gone there, and smiles at her and her papa. Rachna promises that she will come to meet him daily. She hugs him.
They come out, Mayank and Gunjan quiet. Rachna tells them to solve their past problems, and leaves.
Gunjan recalls their fight and cries. Mayank takes her hand and says sorry. She must forgive him for what happened. It was his mistake, he allowed her to go away from his life. He got selfish, and did a lot of mistakes. He says life has given him a new chance, he promises her to make it all well. Will she give him another chance. Gunjan hugs him. He tells her that he has missed her in these six months. Gunjan says that the memory of these past days is blurred and tells her the stories.
She says that the relationship, will now bring them closer. She laughs. He puts his arms around her neck and says she will have to give a big fine of this all. She asks what she will have to do. He says it is road here. She laughs that he hasn’t changed a bit and is a coward.

PRECAP: Bindia helps Aadi, he tells her on phone that Seema’s bomb is going to blast. Some one rings the bell on the door, Seema is angry.

Update Credit to: Sona

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