Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 27th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 27th May 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 27th May 2013 Written Update

Gunjan invites some people on the phone for her wedding. After that she is on the terrace, very nervous. Mayank comes and asks her why she is nervous. Gunjan says, I don’t know how we will do all preparations in such a short amount of time. She asks him to ask his mother to talk with Nani. But Mayank tells her everything will go fine. Your job is just become a bride and that’s it. They both are having a good time after that and Mayank gets down his knees. Nani sees this and she creates drama out of it. Nani calls out all family members out and tells them how Gunjan and Mayank are meeting this late in night before their marriage. Shayl signals Mayank and Gunjan to apologize her. Mayank apologizes her and says it won’t happen again.

Seema goes to Nani’s room

where Nani provokes her saying her son has already became slave of his wife. She tells him to think about her budhapa and control bahu from now.

Rachna first records her own video and welcomes everyone for Mayank and Gunjan’s wedding function (Tilak function). She then takes camera to Gunjan, but she’s still getting ready, so Rachna then goes to living room to record all the decoration.

She asks Dolu to give a message for his sister. He sings a song Bhaiya aur Bhabhi ko badhai ho badhai.

Rachna records other couple of family members messages as well. Shayl is running here and there to do preparations and she gets minor injury on her leg. Rachna goes to help her. Nani comes out and she’s disappointed with the sitting arrangements. Shayl says she told guys, but they didn’t do it yet. Nani taunts her that this is what happens if you do last minute preparations. Seema supports Nani. Nani then tells Rachna to take care of guests. After both of them go away for work, Nani tells Seema this is how groom’s mother shows authority. Seema tells her I will learn all slowly slowly.

Seema then tells Nani that it should be groom’s family who should be doing all the preparations today. Nani says, no matter which function it is, always bride’s family do preparations. They see Akash and talk loudly how their relative’s groom’s family gave so many gifts and so much money. Akash goes to Shayl and they laugh.

Akash tells Shayl that they should add more gifts, but Shayl says what they have so far is enough.

Mayank and Gunjan are on the phone. Gunjan tells Mayank it’s better if they don’t meet now after what happened yesterday and she has lots of preparations to do anyways. Seema comes to take Mayank to the function.

Tilak function starts and Nani, Seema are impressed seeing gifts or shagun that Gunjan’s family brought. Nani says but we all are from same house, who is from bride’s side? Shayl, her husband, Rachna, Dolu join Akash. Even Seema’s husband says that he would join bride’s side as well because Gunjan is like his daughter. Anyways the function starts and Gunjan’s family give gifts or shagun to Mayank. Gunjan is watching from her room and gets very emotional.

Nani and Seema are not happy with the gifts. Seema asks Nani how to tell them in front of everyone. Nani then tells Shayl that she didn’t like the saree much. Seema joins her and says, the one that Charu’s family gave was a lot better.

Precap: Nani and Seema are happy as they believe they will get a lot expensive saree and shaguns from Gunjan’s family now. Seema’s husband hears and tells her this won’t be good. Seema says she is mother in law so she hast at least this much power. She then says in her mind, Shayl has came under my control after so long.. won’t leave her that easily.

Update Credit to: Julia

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