Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 27th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 27th July 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 27th July 2013 Written Update

Part 1

The episode starts with Rachana explaining to the owner the importance of her having the things. He has his back turned and Vihaan tells Rachana that they will leave. They go and the owner tells them to stop. He tells the worker to give them and write the amount due. Rachana and Vihaan are happy. The owner calls Rachana and asks her name. She tells him and he says she reminded him of his enthusiasm 20 years ago and tells her not to be afraid of putting in hard work. He says he takes her like a daughter and to listen to a piece of advice. Rachana thanks him.Seema notices Gunjan is back and prtends to do work in the kitchen. Gunjan tells her not to do this work and to rest. She says that Gunjan is tired from college and wants to make Mayank a dish and it takes

time. Gunjan makes Seema sit and tells her to instruct what is to be done. Seema tells and Gunjan starts. Sangeeth then comes and signals to Seema that Mayank has come home. Seema tells Gunjan to get some oil from the store room. Mayank asks Sangeetha how is Seema and she says Seema is still in pain and is in the kitchen. Mayank is shocked. Mayank asks what is Seema doing in the kitchen when she has a sprain and asks where Gunjan is. Sangeetha says she saw Gunjan come back but is not sure where she is now. Mayank walks off angrily. Seema pretends to work again. Mayank tells her she was not suppose to carry heavy things. She says that she knew he would come back hungry from office and is making his favourite dish. Mayank asks where is Gunjan and Seema says she was here a while ago. Mayank starts shouting for Gunjan. Mayank asks Gunjan why did she let Seema do the work and he tells Seema to come and rest and takes her. Gunjan explains to Mayank that she was helping Seema. Mayank says he saw Seema carrying heavy things and Gunjan says that’s why she was helping her. Mayank says he knows only what he saw and that Seema was working alone. Gunjan says Seema sent her to get oil. Mayank tells her to forget it and tells her that he told her to put the important file in his bag and she forgot and because of that was embarassed in front of his boss. He says that his image was spoilt and that Gunjan should understand her responsibilities. Mayank notices the file on the floor and tells her to see where it is and to admit its her mistake. Gunjan says its her fault and since he doesn’t trust her she has nothing to say. Seema enters and asks Mayank what is all this. Seema asks is this the way he talks to his wife and that Gunjan is right it is his fault as she spoilt him. Seema tells Mayank he shouldn’t expect Gunjan to do the things she (Seema) used to do for him. Seema tells Gunjan not to feel bad that Mayank’s temper will cool down. She then tells them that she wants to hold a pooja since they just got married. Seema says she will treat Gunjan just like a daughter and she never could do this pooja for Charu so she will do it for Gunjan. She then tells Mayank not to yell at Gunjan and leaves. Mayank tells Gunjan that Seema is doing her part to make Gunjan feel part of the family and that she thinks about them and she should think about Seema too. Gunjan is sitting in the hall and Shail asks Gunjan where Mayank is and she replies he must be somewhere. Shail says she knows that Gunjan is angry with Mayank and its his mistake. Gunjan tells her to make Mayank understand its his fault. Shail says he is troubled because its a new job and tells Gunjan to sit down at ease and apologize to each other and resolve the matter. Shail says love is important in a married couple’s life and says they married because of love. She asks if the love is gone and Gunjan shakes her head. Shail says that they have to learn to compromise and life will be easy. Shail tells Gunjan to go and pacify Mayank. Gunjan says she will do later as Mayank is angry. Seema comes and tells her to give him the ladoos and pacify him and Gunjan is happy and goes.

Part 2

Seema tells Shail she wants to tell her something. Seema says she always wanted to have the pooja but first they were off to Goa and then the shop burnt down. Shail says she can have it and to let her know if she needs anything. Sangeetha says not to worry as she will handle everything since Shail and Dayal have so much of responsibilities. She tells Shail for her and Dayal to just take part in it. Gunjan comes with a plate of ladoos for Mayank and snatches his file and gives him the ladoo. He doesn’t take it and continues his work. Gunjan says she will sit and watch him work then and starts coming close to him. She then says that she can make him laugh and starts tickling him. He starts laughing and tells her to stop it. They fall on the bed and laugh. Gunjan stuffs a ladoo in Mayank’s mouth. Mayank says that Seema takes care of him and that if his mother packed his bag in the morning she wouldn’t have forgotten his file. Gunjan insists that she also didn’t forget it and packed it. Mayank tells her that sometimes the subconscious mind makes them thing like that and to admit when its her mistake. She says its useless talking to him and he says he will continue his work. Sangeetha asks Seema that the preparation for the pooja seems to be a lot and she thought it was small. Seema shows Sangeetha the suit she made for Gunjan. Sangeetha asks why the sudden love for Gunjan and Seema explains her plan to Sangeetha. Sangeetha tells Seema will Gunjan agree and Seema says she has to in front of Mayank. Sangeetha says the plan is good and Rachana walks in. They look scared and Rachana says Shail asked if they need more flowers for the pooja and Seema says yes and tells Rcahan to go and sleep. Rachana thinks to herself that Sangeetha was talking about a plan and wonders what it is. Bua is also thinking what the pooja is for. Sangeetha and Seema are excited waiting for the pooja. Gunjan comes and asks if she can help. Seema is about to let her help when she sees Mayank and refuses. Sangeetha reminds her she wanted to gift Gunjan something. Seema then takes Gunjan to her room. Mayank smiles looking at this. Gunjan notices that Seema is walking properly and says that its quick and Seema says its a miracle. Dayal tells Shail that Seema has done a lot of preparations. Shail is suspicious about what Seema is up to. Dayal says she is thinking to much. Seema gives Gunjan and outfit and matching jewellery and tells her to wear it. Gunjan is happy and Seema tells her to go change. Mayank tells Seema that she is nice and she takes care of everything. Seema says that she just wants them to be happy. Prabhu asks Seema where is she in a rush too. Prabhu asks what is the pooja for.

Part 3

Prabu tells Seema why the sudden love for Gunjan and Seema says he always has the habit of suspecting her intentions. She says she can do anything for her son and DIL. The priest says that the DIL will have a new identity today being someone’s wife, sister-in-law and daughter-in-law. Shail and Dayal do all the rituals and bless Gunjan and Mayank. Seema comes and puts a chain around Gunjan with an initial ‘M’. Gunjan thinks it means ‘M’ for Mayank and that’s why Seema got it. The priest asks for Gunjan’s new name and Seema says Maheswari and all are shocked. Gunjan is surprised and says what and asks Shail why is her name being changed. Shail says she didn’t know. Seema tells Gunjan that she had agreed when told about the pooja. Gunjan says she wasn’t told that her name was being changed. She says she wants to make Gunjan her daughter and call her lovingly with this name. Shail asks what is this and Seema says its a ritual and she will get a new identity at her in laws. Prabhu is angry and asks why must she change her name. Bua asks Seema what ritual is she talking about when she (Seema) never changed her name after marriage. Seema asks Mayank what does he think. Mayank says that she loves Gunjan and she is trying her best to make Gunjan part of the family and that her intentions to love Gunjan like a daughter are good and he says Gunjan is lucky because of this. Prabhu shouts at Mayank but Mayank stops him and says that regarding changing her name he is with Gunjan’s decision of not changing her name. Mayank says what is the need and that if she wants to change her name then they will take the vote of all the family members of who prefers Gunjan and who prefers Maheswari. Dholu comes with pens and papers. Rachana comes with a bowl to put their votes in. Everyone writes on the paper.

Episode Ends

Mayank tells Seema that love is to love a person and not their name. Shail says Mayank is right and tells Seema its a nice thought to make Gunjan a daughter and tells her to complete the rituals

Update Credit to: happygirl123

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