Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 27th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 27th February 2014 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 27th February 2014 Written Update

Dadi announces, Aaand, the lucky girl is Beautiful, Charming, Pretty Birthday girl, Rachna!
Sonal was all excited, now she looks shocked and bewildered! Rachna looks surprised! Dadi looks mockingly at Sonal and thinks, if you are smart, this old woman is smarter! Understood?
Rachna is hesitant, she says, Dadi, dance? In front of everyone? Please…
Dadi tells her, My dear, announcement is already made! Prettiest girl has to dance with KT at the party!
Kabir also looks uncomfortable, but Dadi and everyone else clap and chant, Rachna, Rachna…
Lights are turned off, then spotlight falls on Kabir and Rachna, as Dadi claps her hands like a magician.
Kabir and Rachna go forward towards each other, Dadi urges them to dance,

Kabir puts his arm around Rachna’s waist, she holds his shoulder, they start dancing as the song plays, Zehnaseeb…Zehnaseeb…tujhey chahoon beintasha zehnaseeb, merey kareeb merey kareeb…
Rachna looks shyly at Kabir, he seems to be mesmerized, they start enjoying the dance and move fluidly with each other. Dadi claps while Sonal fumes and frets silently, looking virulently jealous!
Sonal says, How could you, Kabir? What does this girl have? Youre dancing with her instead of me!
Dadi comes to her and says, Sonal my girl, youre wearing such a pretty dress, you shd dance at least once! May I have a dance with you my dear?
Dadi holds out her hand, Sonal protests, No NO, No…Dadi, its perfectly fine! But Dadi persists, and pulls her on the dance floor, and spins her round and round so fast that Sonal yells and falls on the floor, holding her ankle, Dadi says, Oh My God! Sonal says it feels like I twisted my ankle! Dadi makes sympathetic noises, Sonal leaves the dance floor.
Kabir and Rachna enjoying dancing with each other, smiling and spinning. Sonal looks jealous and desperate! Kabir bends Rachna, he stares at her, shes smiling up at him. They have eyes only on each other, lost to the world as they dance and swing and spin.
They get lost in each other’s eyes and stop dancing…they are in a trance…
Sonal cannot stand it anymore and she deliberately drops her drinks glass, which breaks with a sound and a balloon pops. Kabir and Rachna’s trance is broken, they look at Sonal…Dadi and everyone looks at Sonal, she says, Im so sorry, Kabir! She pretends to be contrite.

Garg House:
Rachna is decorating the dining table for Rachna’s birthday. She puts a sparkling banner saying “Princess Garg” on Rachna’s chair, there are pink and white balloons tied to all the chairs, and in a vase on the table. Sangeeta, Seema and Shail bring out bowls of food from the kitchen. Shail looks at the banner and smiles.
Rachna asks them if its looking alright, Shail says its not just alright, its P..P..what do u call it? Sangeeta says, Perfect! Gunjan says, so shall I show u something else? Shail is all excited, asks yes show…Gunjan lifts a cloth from a platter and says, Look at Princess Garg’s crown!
The ladies are thrilled to see a sparkling tiara on the tray with rose petals. Shail is thrilled, Wow, its so lovely! Rachna will be so happy!
Mayank comes downstairs and he looks surprised to see all the decorations and food on the table! Seema tells him, Look Mayank, ur wife has decorated everything so beautifully! We have to admit!
Gunjan signals Mayank to relax…he says, Whose wife is she after all? Seema laughs, Really? Sangeeta says, Its good everything is ready, Rachna will be coming home soon!

At the party:
Sonal goes up to Rachna and says, My God! That was awesome! Isn’t it, Kabir? What a pair you both made!
Kabir looks away, everyone claps and cheers, Rachna smiles shyly, Dadi looks shrewdly at Sonal who is smiling cattily. Kabir feels uncomfortable and walks away.
Dadi intervenes, she comes forward and announces, Okay, Boys and Girls, there is still one ritual left! And that is Cutting Cake!
A waiter brings a two tiered pink and white cake, sets it on the center table. Dadi lights the candle on the cake, Rachna cuts the cake, everyone claps and sings Happy Birthday song. Sonal stares at Kabir, he looks away. Rachna cuts a piece of cake and feeds it to Dadi, she feeds it to Dadi, she offers a piece to Sonal who refuses, saying Calories! Then she takes a pinch of cake and has it. Rachna looks at Kabir and smiles, she takes a piece of cake to him and says, Please, he takes it from her and says Thank you!
Rachna says, KT, Thank you very much for planning all this, organizing all this for me! This birthday will always be memorable for me! Very special! Thank you!
Kabir smiles and nods. Hes looking a little disturbed. Sonal is watching them like a hawk from afar! Kabir tells Rachna, Exucse me, I will be right back.
Rachna goes and hugs Dadi, Sonal is still fuming!

Garg House:
Rachna is coming in with a happy smile on her face. Shail comes and stops her midway, Stop stop! Which world are you lost in, Ms 18 yr old?
Rachna hesitates, then smiles, Im in this world only, Why?
Shail looks at her outfit and says, There is something different abt you! Now I get it, u didn’t wear these clothes this morning!
Rachna tells her, Yes Mummy! Dadi gifted me this dress and Mummy do u know my birthday was celebrated at my office! With a lot of fanfare!
Shail says, Really? Sangeeta comes and says, That is all very nice, but office is a different matter! Wont u sit with your family and have dinner?
Rachna says, Of course Auntie! The rest of the world is on one side, my Garg family is on the other!
Shail tells her to come and see what surprised Gunjan has planned for her. Rachna gets excited, what is it? Tell me…shail says, come and see for yourself! She pulls Rachna by the hand and takes her inside.

Garg family is having dinner, laughing and talking, Rachna is sitting in her special chair, shes wearing the shining tiara and enjoying the dishes prepared by her mom and aunts. Shail gives her more food, Rachna says no no, Shail asks don’t u like the food? Rachna says, how can I not like food made by you? This year’s birthday was really special for me! I will never ever forget it!
Rachna thanks Gunjan and hugs her. Rachna gets up and hugs her mummy, then papa.
Gopal says, food is so good I feel like I can go on eating! Rachna, ur birthday shd come everyday!
Everyone laughs, Prabhu says, Yes, so we can eat so much that next day we cant go to the shop! That is ur super plan?
Mayank says to Gunjan, and for me marrying u was my super plan! Rachna thanks Mayank, he thanks Gunjan for being by his side. Gunjan holds his hand and smiles reassuringly but he looks worried.

KT’s house
Kabir is sitting on his bed, hes lost in thoughts. Hes remembering his dance with Rachna, the way she was looking up at him with shy awareness. He leans his head back and closes his eyes, gets flashes of him dancing with Rachna, Sonal taunting him what a great pair they made and everyone cheering.
Dadi comes in and looks at Kabir, she smiles knowingly and touches his head, he opens his eyes and says, Dadi, whats the matter?
Dadi sits down beside him, I was also thinking whats the matter? You gave such a lavish party for an assistant! Is the girl special or is my Nanhe feeling sick?
Kabir looks embarrassed, Dadi what are u saying? You know ur Nanhe more than me! Day before yesterday I saw on Ms Garg’s form that today is her birthday! And shes going to turn 18! So I thought why not give a surprise party to my best employee? Whats wrong with that?
Dadi says, Nothing wrong, its very good! At least people found out that my Nanhe has a beating heart! And that girl is a miracle that she melted this hidden heart a little! Otherwise you have padlocked her for 24 hrs! Only I know how big hearted my Nanhe is! Okay, now u rest a while!
Kabir says, Yes, Dadi leaves, he looks like some realization just hit him.

Garg House:
Mayank is checking some office files at his desk in the bedroom. Gunjan comes in and says, today we had fun, we celebrated Rachna’s birthday nicely, Im happy for her!
Mayank goes and sits beside her on the bed, he holds her hands and tells her, the whole credit goes to you, my dear dear Gunjan! She says, No no, birthday party went well because we are an awesome family! And everyone is not as lucky as we are!
Mayank withdraws his hands, he looks tense. Gunjan says, I know what ur thinking, don’t worry, tomorrow I will go with you! Mayank asks her why? She says because she thinks they shd sort out the Vidhi matter as soon as possible! She has to find out some day that ur not her husband! It will be better if we tell her the truth! And we wil tell Nathulal that this is the best for all of us!
Mayank agrees, if u think so…she leans on his arm and says, Relax Mayank, every night is followed by daylight. We will make everything alright!

KT’s house:
Sonal is pacing around in her room, she stops and says, Breathe in, Breathe out! Not helping much…
Sonal is hyperventilating and pacing around restlessly, she looks at herself in the mirror and says, Sonal Darling, chill! Ur just perfect! Just look at urself! Dark eyes, fair cheeks, perfect height, and the right mannerisms! She blows herself a kiss! But then she starts seeing images of Kabir dancing with Rachna in the mirror, kabir staring at Rachna, she smiling at him…Sonal gets mad and throws a pillow at the mirror!
Sonal says, Oh God! Why on earth am I doing this? No, this cant happen! No way! Kabir can only be mine, not anyone elses! I have waited 7 yrs! This is not a joke! I mean nobody can take him away from me! Nobody! What does that girl have, I just don’t get it! GOD!
Sonal frets and fumes and paces the room, then she thinks of something. She opens her wardrobe, takes out the ring, looks at herself in the mirror and says, Sonal Darling, ur the best! But why take a chance? She holds the ring and says, Kabir, u will have to put this ring on me, and I know very well how to make you do that!

Next morning:
Rachna is ready for work, shes walking to the main door, and opens the door. Theres a big pink envelope with her name on it. She picks it up and looks at it in surprise. Someone is watching her from behind the plants outside the house. Rachna wonders aloud, this envelope was left for me? Theres no sender’s name or stamp? Someone must have dropped it personally!
She opens it and takes out a card which says, Congrats, for having finally completed 18 yrs! Theres photos inside of the party, including Rachna dancing with Kabir.
Rachna looks surprised.

PRECAP: A white car knocks down a person on a bicycle. A police constable (who is Nathulal in disguise) comes and slaps the car driver. Gunjan is passing by in an auto and she gets out to find out whats happening. Vidhi comes there dressed as a police inspector. She and Nathulal exchange glances. Gunjan is shocked as she recognizes the two of them disguised as cops

Update Credit to: pallavi25

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