Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 27th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 27th February 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 27th February 2013 Written Update

Rajeev tells Gunjan to eat and gets her to the canteen. Rachna tries to feed Gunjan but she does not eat she says its the body s demand. Gunjan says how will she face Mayank as she is responsible for it Rajeev says that she should not as she will feel guilty. He says Mayank should not have been so immature , gunjan defends Mayank that he is fed up and its all her fault. Rajeev holds gunjan s hand and rachna feels uncomfortable and leaves to get water. Rachna thinks Gunjan is so lucky Mayank was ready to give his life for her and now Rajeev is here leaving all his work for her. No of is there in her life if anything happens no one will shed a tear. Rachna gets a call, she hangs up and screams Mayank bhaaya ko gunjan says he cant leave her and faints. Rajeev makes

her sit on the chair and rachna informs he is out of danger. Gunjan is on the bed and whole family around her they are informed its because of low bp. Seema also does not eat when shayl tells her to and is blaming herself for Mayank s condition at home.she realizes her mistakes and asks forgiveness from Shayl and they hug. She says she will do anything for Mayank s happiness she just wants him back. Charu is furious as she listens to to this outside the door.

gunjan overhears doctor telling Prabhu that he will write some medicines. She enters Mayank s room bg music is heer from jthj and closes the door sits next to the bed. She asks how can he do it, how she can live, mayank is not awake, she says I cant live without you know that. This time we will fulfill all our dreams just get well soon. Prabhu overhears this and is helpless. Charu comes to her room throws Mayank s clothes on the bed, tears every thing and says no one can come between Mayank and her. She will make sure the family falls apart and if mayank cant be hers then he cant be anyones. Prabhu is seeing gunjan taking care of Mayank. Seema calls prabhu to ask how mayank is she wants to come to the hospital but he says there is no need. Charu comes to seema with a glass of milk and says Shayl told her now seema is not well, she forces seema to drink but she does not. Charu is making faces.

Charu again fakes in front of seema and does not sit in the puja which seema is doing. Charu drinks the milk and is very happy. Seema goes to the temple and prays for Mayank with tears and asks to save Mayank and she will fast every tuesday. Gunjan is sleeping next to Mayank and he opens his eyes he sees gunjan sleeping next to him and takes his hand to put on her head but stops last minute. Gunjan gets up puts him in the right position pulls the sheet mayank opens his eyes gunjan is excited and says she will call his father. He holds her hand . Bg music tum se hi mohabbat thi jab tak hai jaan. He asks her if she was next to him all night

PRECAP: Rajeev tells Gunjan Mayank is emotionally blackmailing her gunjan says Mayank s love is pure there is no condition Rajeev says he attempted suicide because she did not agree to him

Update Credit to: vibz88

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