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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 26th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rachna looks back to find Gunjan and Mayank. GUnjan tells her that the men wanted to kidnap her and not Gunjan. Rachna is shocked to hear this. Mayank tells her not to go anywhere this time, but she says she must go as Lucky is afraid and must be crying. They were talking, when Gopal kaka comes there. He asks Rachna to come home and look after Lucky who is crying, and Om is also sleeping.
Rachna comes home, Gopal comes from back and tells her to go to Lucky in his room. Lalit comes to the room, with a knife in hand and tells Rachna he hasnt eaten anything. He asks Rachna to get food for him, Rachna was reluctant to leave Lucky alone with Lalit but goes down when Gopal comes there too.
Lalit hands the gun to his wife, and asks her to get Om’s finger prints.

Mayank and Gunjan comes with their get up changed. Rachna tells them she is going to kitchen to prepare food for Lucky. Mayank and GUnjan decides that one should stay with Rachna, and GUnjan leaves for upstairs. Lalit meets her in the staircase, and asks who is she.
Some men take Rachna in the corridor, she resists hard but they take her along to a seperate room, kidnapped.
Gunjan was quiet, and Lalit was about to lift her veil when Mayank comes from behind. He tells Lalit he is Gopal’s relatives and have come to find work. Lalit tells them to go to servant quarters. When Lalit leaves, they go upstairs.
Gunjan doesnt find Rachna in the kitchen, as she had said. lalit comes to Rachna and teases that Lucky has been waiting for her, she must go to him. Rachna heads to leave but Lalit gets her from her hand and slaps her hard She gets to the floor. Gunjan watches the chairs down, and is suspectful. She finds Rachna’s watch.
Mayank brings Lucky downstairs. Gunjan and Gopal meet them. Gopal says they must have taken her to a secret room.
Rachna asks Lalit wht he wants. He says he wants her dead body. Her face is same as Divia bhabi. He put in Om’s mind that Divia is a bad charactered woman, he killed her when she went to tell him. Now he will kill Rachna, and have got Om’s finger prints on the gun. THen Lalit will be the owner of this property. Lalit’s wife calls, he calls her inside but she asks him to listen to her. He is shocked to see, a man bringing her along. It was Om, holding her.

PRECAP: Om pleads, but Lalit holds gun on Rachna’s forehead. He shoots, as Om shouts no.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Hate dis show hate gunjan how ugly she looks puffy edematous face she deserves a maid character

  2. If people don’t like this show , why read and watch it for , keep your comments to your self

  3. I don’t watch dis serial bcoz of gunjan

  4. I’m happy that this track is going to end this week and Kt will come back soon , good episode

  5. Happy to hear KT coming back as I was dreading they putting Rachna with Om

  6. I like the character gunjan but she is very ugly.

  7. if you dont like this show then dont watch it dont keep updates of this show why do you have to waste your time with this serial

  8. It is a public show and not just u and me sit in front of tv and watch dis show so every viewer has a right to comment and express his views and better u stay away if u don’t want to listen and being a tv star they have to maintain their beauty and the show makers should select beautiful and graceful actors n actresses as the whole country will be watching them

  9. If you don’t like the actors and this show , Of course you are not going to say anything good about this show and the people in it , so keep your comments to you self

  10. Why u r feeling as if u are working for dis serial mind ur own work,and stop replying to others comments

  11. personally speaking I do not find gunjan to be ugly I think it is only when she frowns the face and opens the eyes big that she looks not too pretty but overall she is ok she and mayank make a good couple. one thing though this soap is not interesting any more.

  12. before rachna use to be so sheltered by her father and mother when nanhe and family was around now all of a sudden she is so grown up taking on somebodys child as hers and leaving all hours of the night to go to the mansion to see lucky this soap has become uninteresting.

  13. Wow so happy KT is coming back. I wonder if there would be a love triangle between Om/Rachna/kt

  14. nw y d hell is the story line moving away from its base?whr d hell did the story start n wr is it landing now?rachana is paired up will wid all the males?n all of them elder to her?its only a time waste 2 watch dis

  15. chahat sharma

    hope kit and rachana plezzzzz

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