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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 25th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The head points the gun to Rahul. Gunjan comes in a shawl and kneels down saying it is all because of you head, had you not been here, there must be no electricity. All the women gather and hoots for head. Gunjan and Chiraya points at Rahul to leave the place. The head shouts that though it was late, it was the best; I worry for you people so much that I brought electricity for you. Chiraya tells Gunjan that he is boasting about it, Gunjan says in one way he just brought the electricity. Gunjan covers her face and says thanks to the head. He leaves. Gunjan now tells Chiraya that now the toilets project it left, head will also do it by himself. Rahul asks what did she think about it. Gunjan tells them to wait for it till tomorrow.

Mayank comes home; Seema and Shayl were looking at him

quiet. Mayank asks why are you looking at me like this, is Gunjan alright. Seema gives Charu’s watch to him. Mayank asks what did I do for which I have to clarify. Seema and shayl asks what is this all going on that you registered Charu as your wife in hospital. Mayank tells them about the job and her home incident. He says what you people are thinking is wrong, it’s my new job and my boss is Charu and we only have a professional relation. Seema tells him to leave the job, Mayank says that this job has good salary, and my professional profile will get better. You trust me. Shayl asks what when Gunjan will know. He says Gunjan already know. Seema says that whenever she has been in his life there have been problems, he says this time nothing will happen, and if it does we will solve it together. Bauji says that we believe you but not her. He tells him to go and rest and assures everyone to relax.

KT and Rachna argues in the car that she isn’t still a child to do such stupidity. Chaya laughs sitting on the back seat. Shayl tries but can’t connect to Rachna. Sangeeta tells her to call Chaya. Chaya’s mom tells Shayl that it’s been months that Rachna came and Chaya is also perfectly well. Shayl was taken aback at Rachna’s lie. KT stops the car for Rachna, and says bye. She looks around and enters the house. Shayl was standing in front, Rachna was nervous. She asks mummy you still awake. Shayl comes nearer and asks how is Chaya. Rachna says she has been perfectly fine, she came here just when she got ready. Shayl is worried why is she lying.

Charu calls Mayank and tells him to come soon; she was crying and asks Mayank to come or GS will do something to her. She says its ok, she understands he might not be able to come so urgently. He comes to her home, Charu was sitting on floor, crying. He asks what these marks on her arms are, she cries. He brings him up to sofa and gives her a glass of water. She tells him that it is all her mistake, she thought of starting a life again but this isn’t a marriage but a vicious circle I can’t come out of. He suggests she should complain the police; she hugs and says GS will kill her. GS enters. He comes and asks that in my house, this all is going on. Why you brought your lover home, Charu says you are taking it wrong. He shouts and says I asked you if you both know each other, but you people lied. He throws Mayank and Charu’s wedding pictures to them and says I know it all. He says this is your ex-husband. Charu says that it is nothing like that. GS says he knows a lot more, why he has been in her cabin. Mayank asks him to let him explain but he shouts at him to be shut up. He warns Mayank that is he forgetting he is already married, and you are running an affair with my wife. Mayank says whatever it was was past, and I met her when I joined your company. He shouts Shut up; and holds Charu’s face and warns her to wait and watch. He leaves inside. Charu tells Mayank to go while she herself runs inside.

Gunjan and Rahul come to the offices in changed get up. She says that we have come from home ministry and wants to check all the details of expenditures. The man leaves to bring the file; Gunjan orders them to bring two coffees. Gunjan tells Rahul that they will al tleast come to know that what amount has been sanctioned for Birpur. She gets the records. Rahul says that lacs of rupees have been sanctioned for the village, and the records say that the toilets have even been made.


PRECAP: The head and the villagers stands to make toilets in the dark. The labour says that it is raining and the wall cant dry. In the morning, the ministry delegation comes. Gunjan shows them the records and say that these shows toilets have already been made, but there is nothing.


Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. well done gunjun proud of girl 😀 epi ws gd >_<

  2. well done gunjun proud of u girl 😀 epi ws gd >_<

  3. Yay Gunjan!

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