Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 25th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 25th December 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 25th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with dadi telling thanks to rachna and then telling her that she being a girl brought her to the hospital all by herself. Then kt also thanks her as they cry.

Charu is driving the remote control car and then she tries to drive the car in between gunjan’s legs when suddenly buah comes there and trips on the car instead of gunjan seeing this charu gives the remote control to dholu and runs away;gunjan picks up buah and then seema comes running and dholu’s mother comes and scolds him for being careless about his toys and hurting others. Then dholu runs away. Gunjan and dholu’s mom pick up buah and take her in her room.

At midnight seema comes down to drink water. She comes near the table and fills a glass of water and starts

drinking the water. She suddenly sees a shadow of a lady and gets scared and thinks that it Is a ghost but then she realises that it is someone else and thinks that who must that person be?

In buah’s room a lady enters covered in a white bed sheet and then she opens buah’s blanket but buah pulls it back and then she repeats the same but then buah wakes up and says who is it? Then charu opens her bed sheet and then acts like a ghost and then starts shouting loudly and is having incense sticks in her hand and then buah gets scared and then sees that it is mithoo, but mithoo then turns behind her and kicks her and then buah screams loudly on getting kicked. Dayal and shail listen all the noise and all others also come down to buah’s room. Then they see mithoo and then charu also gets scared but continues to do the same and acts as if she has got some kind of panic attack. Everyone get scared and vikram goes and tries to wake up charu but charu shows as if she is still suffering from the panic attack. Then vikram wakes her up but she falls down on the bed and then vikram gets scared but then mithoo wakes up and the acts and tells that where is she? And asks that what is happening and then she asks vikram that did she again get a panic attack. Vikram says yes and then tells her that everything is ok and then takes her in her room. Gunjan asks buah that is she ok and buah tells that she is ok and there is no need for them to stand and they can go. Everyone go.

Next morning in mayank’s room mayank gets up and then he looks at gunjan and smiles and then remembers all his sweet memories with her and his first meet with her on the same day. Then he sees that gunjan is going to wake up and he acts as if he is sleeping. Then gunjan gets up and then thinks that does mayank remember that it is their second anniversary. Then she wakes up mayank and tells him that will he come early from office, mayank acts and tells that no as he has work and will come late. Then gunjan gets angry and gets up and tells him to come fast for breakfast. She goes. Mayank says that he will give gunjan a surprise at night.

On the breakfast table everyone come and mayank is looking at gunjan but gunjan ignores him. Then he sits down and gunjan serves him but he catches her hand and she tells him to leave her hand but he does not and so she says loudly to leave her hand. He leaves and to change the topic tells her to bring his file kept on the table. Charu and vikram come but charu asks them that are they still angry on her for last night, dayal ad shail say no and tell her to sit for the breakfast. Gunjan there ignores mayank and goes. Charu listen all this that mayank wants his file.

In mayanks room charu enteres and goes near his bed and says that this is his sweet bed. Then she goes near the table and takes the file and then sees a ring case kept there and then she removes it and wears it and says that this is his mayank and her relationships symbol. Then she sees a letter there and then reads it and it is written that the letter is for gunjan and that, dear gunjan this is a ring for you on the second anniversary and that he loves her and hasn’t forgotten the day. Charu gets angry and then eats the letter after crumpling it. Then she puts the ring back in the case and she hides it under her saree and goes away. She goes in the hall and quietly keeps it on the speker. Then she goes. Mayank sees the file on the speaker and smiles and thinks it has been kept by gunjan. Gunjan comes and he smile at her but gunjan ignores but he catches her hand and tells her thanks for kepping his file there. Then she says that she has not kept the file and then he sees her hand but does not see the ring so he asks her in signs that where is the ring, gunjan says loudly that why are you speaking in signs and tells him to speak loudly. There seema asks that why are they fighting since morning, then mayank says that gunjan is just acting too smart and then mayank goes to office. Then gunjan there says to herself that she will till then decorate her room for today night, charu listens and then tells that can she take her to see banaras. Then gunjan tells her to rest for 2-3 days and then they will go. Then vikram says that why does she not take mithoo with her to show banaras, then seema tells gunjan that take her to show banaras and it will be good if they go outside and have fun. Then gunjan says ok and charu gets happy there.

Precap: mayank gifts gunjan a saree and they are getting romantic gunjan tells him she will change her dress and come. Till then form behind charu comes and hugs him and puts her arms around him and kisses him and then mayank turns to see but gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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