Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 24th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 24th March 2014 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 24th March 2014 Written Update

All girls write down their ideas on paper. KT has to pick one and that girl will work with him. He reads all and eventually likes Rachna’s idea. Rachna cannot believe and so does KT. He leaves from there. Sonal comes and is shocked to find KT picked Rachna’s idea.

Seema gestures Sangeeta to talk with Shayl about Pihu. She does, but Shayl tells her rudely to let her handle her daughter. Seema and Sangeeta are shocked with such behavior from Shayl. Pihu comes home early and says all her friends left early saying they have to cook or reach home before their husbands. She’s bored. Shayl suggests her to take classes on something like cooking. Pihu is not interested. Gunjan returns home. She asks Seema about the food as she’s too hungry. Pihu

gets annoyed with their talks. She sees an advertisement in newspaper about acting class and gets excited. She tells Shayl that she wants to do that. Shayl allows her and everyone is shocked. Shayl tells Pihu to get fresh first and then they will go to that place. She leaves. Gunjan tells Shayl she will also go with them. Seema says in her mind no one has ever done any acting in their family and Shayl allowed Pihu to go to classes. She wonders what’s wrong with Shayl.

Rachna is alone. Dadi comes to her and says she knows everything that she has been doing since morning. Rachna starts getting worried, but Dadi tells her all these small things won’t do anything, but just irritate a little to Sonal. She tells Rachna that she will have to do something BIG. Rachna smiles in a shock.

Pihu, Shayl, Gunjal come to the acting class. Pihu is annoyed and asks Shayl why they brought Gunjan. Gunjan says so Shayl doesn’t need to go alone after Pihu attends the class. They go inside. People are walking and rehearsing. Gunjan and Shayl find it weird, while Pihu is loving the place. Shayl and Gunjan are busy talking to someone, and Pihu goes in an auditorium. She sees everyone rehearsing and dancing. She says this is the fun when you living in your maayka, this place is like heaven. Shayl doesn’t see Pihu and goes to search her. She finds her. Pihu tells her she is loving this place. This is what she wanted to do. Shayl takes her to talk about admission.

Rachna comes to KT and says he’ll need to give his measurements as tailor lost it. As tailor is not there, Rachna decides to take measurements herself. Sonal says no way and tells KT they will have to remove Rachna from this place as soon as possible. She can’t trust her. Rachna tells her she would have told her, but neither she is a tailor nor a designer. Sonal gets quiet. KT tells Rachna to take, but in front of all else who knows what she accuses him for tomorrow. Darmiyaan song plays as Rachna takes the measurements. Sonal gets jealous and frustrated. She walks out. Rachna drops the measure tape. Both KT and Rachna bend down together to pick it up. Rachna takes it and when they get up, Rachna’s chain is stuck in KT’s shirt’s button. He’s taking it out and Sonal gets shocked seeing both so close. KT leaves. Other girls say what a chemistry it was between KT and Rachna. Rachna teases Sonal saying chemistry is good here and ring there which doesn’t make sense. Ring should have been with Rachna too. She smiles and leaves. Sonal seems very angry.

Precap: Gunjan tells Rachna she must say sorry to KT today. Rachna goes to KT and says she wants to talk about something. KT gets mad and says he is not interested in talking to her nor he wants to help her with the designs. He takes papers from Rachna’s hands and throws them in air.

Update Credit to: Priya

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