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The head says to engineer that there must not be electricity fluctuation because we have lots of precious machinery at home. Rahul asks till where the electricity lines will go? He points at a boundary. Rahul asks why not behind that, the engineer says that the electricity will get to the whole village this way. Rahul whispers in head’s ear that it is good in one way, we don’t know till where have they dug the gold. The head laughs and orders to get the lines afar. Rahul thinks this is all because of Gunjan, thankyou!.
KT finds the stroll in his dresses as he was preparing the dummy. He thinks he should have brought Rachna along, she remembers everything. He thinks about calling her, but her number was unreachable. The clients arrive, and ask if everything is ready, shall we start

the presentation. She notices KT’s nervousness, as he looks at the incomplete dress. He thinks that without the stroll this dress will be rejected, we must tell them this is incomplete. Someone drapes the stroll over the dummy; the client looks at it and exclaims wow! She goes to see it. Rachna appears from behind the dummy. The client says they always heard about their work, today they saw it too. KT smiles looking at Rachna, he goes to thank the client and introduces her to Rachna-his assistant. The client leaves satisfied.Chaya brings both their attentions out of each other and says the weather is changing.
Mayank and Charu come home; they are shocked to see GS. He asks where she had gone. Mayank was about to explain but she stops him. He remarks it seems you hear less these days. He says till today, no employ came to our home, how he came here. Mayank says he wanted to take signatures from Charu. He asks Charu? Mayank corrects himself by saying Charu mam. GS asks where the file is. Charu says she had already called the file home; Mr. Mayank is here to collect it. They met in the way so came home together. GS asks is it that you both know each other from the past. Charu asks we just met in the office for the first time, why do you think so. GS tells her to sign and leaves to attend the call. Mayank asks why she lied to him, when he told him not to. She says he doesn’t know her husband, and must leave before he comes again to inquire.
KT asks Rachna which lie she told. She says she wanted to see him, so came here; and it hadn’t been so long. KT says very smart, what about your family. Chaya laughs, he asks why are you laughing and why did you bring her here. She says what I could do when you she wanted to meet you. KT scolds her that what lie will she tell at home. Rachna gets Shayl’s call, she tells her Chaya had a 102oC fever, she had to come to see her. Shayl says I will send you Bauji, Rachna says I will come home alone. Rachna says it is alright, when Chaya is well I will call you then you must send Bauji. As the phone disconnects, Rachna says see how much I have to lie for you. KT is angry, Chaya also tells him to calm down as everyone lies in love; but KT tells them to go along with him just now. Rachna tells him to finish his work, but instead he scolds her and tells them both to come along him.
The villagers had all gathered as the engineers worked for the electricity. Rahul tells them to switch on the lights for the Birpur residents. The engineer pushes the switch on but there comes no light. He checks the connections, they weren’t working. People were dis-hearted. Rahul goes to check the connection by himself.
The head and Vikram waited for someone, the engineer’s car come. The head thinks once there is electricity in the village I will take up all the gold by myself.
Rahul gets through the fault; he connects the wires and pushes the switch on. All the bulbs light up. The villagers celebrate. The head calls Rahul for to start digging. The digging machine starts it work. There the people celebrate, distributing sweet. The engineers apply a machine. Gunjan looks at Mayank’s picture, Chiraya comes there teasing Gunjan, they both play. The engineers announce that further digging will bring out water. The head recalls Gunjan’s promise that she will bring electricity in the village; and Rahul accompanying him. He orders the engineers to stop and points a gun to Rahul saying he was making fool of him and wanted to get electricity in the village. Rahul kneels down, saying he has nothing to do with the village’s betterment. Gunjan thinks she must go to Rahul now, his life must be in danger.

PRECAP: Gunjan talks to the authorities. She tells Chiraya that the head himself will get the toilets in each house here, his higher authorities will pressurize him for this.

Update Credit to: Sona

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