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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 23rd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chaya says to Rachna that her mom has ended all what she has been thinking. She has forbidden to consider a proposal of someone 28 years of age, and KT is older than 30. Rachna says she kept a fast of teej for him as well and was about to tell the family. Chaya asks why she has been doing all the ‘aunty type’ practices, she is just 19. They both should spent time together, and get to know about each other. First be his girl friend, and then do all what couples do together; life after marriage is boring.
Mayank comes to office; Sheetal tells him there is no meeting today. He looks at Charu in her office, shouting at some staff members, she then holds her head and talks to someone on phone. He thinks about Gunjan then goes to her room. She wipes her tears. He asks if she is alright,

she was sobbing. She says everything returns to you, what I did to you people is coming back to me. GS comes to the office. Mayank gives her a glass of water that slips from her hand. She tells him to clean his clothes with her cabin’s washrooms towel. GS enters the cabin, throws the file and asks why she didn’t complete her work. He asks her why she didn’t complete her work; he had to listen so much from the client. He sees the glass and asks who came into the cabin. She stammers and says no one came in here. He tells her not to consider him a fool, kisses her hand and says I own you. He pushes her while going and she is hit on forehead by the chair. Mayank comes out and asks why he always behave like this to her. She tells him to leave her cabin right now. But he applies an ointment on her forehead, she asks her to go again. While going, Mayank asks that he is an employ here and why does she hide his being in her boss’s office. She says he won’t understand this. He says that I don’t want you to hide anything from him any further.
The head, Vikram and Rahul were standing as the labourer dig the hole. The head says that if they don’t find gold today, he will be killed. Gunjan and Chiraya hid behind the soil dump. The labourer finds a gold bangle, they were all relieved. Rahul points a thumb-up to Gunjan which Vikram notices. He tells his men to see who he pointed to, the go and say there is no one there. The labourers find a huge stone while digging, the head looks at Rahul. He says what they will get by cheating him.
Rahul says that it will take a long time, keeping on digging. He suggests they must call a digging machine, but it take electricity. The head says electricity will come to the village. They all cheer up. Gunjan says it was all about getting the electricity, there is no jewellery.
Rachna gets KT’s text that he is leaving for Allahabad to meet a client. She thinks how she will spend her day without him.
Mayank rings the bell, and thinks why Charu called him home with the file. Charu asks him what he will take. He says I won’t take anything, you just sign the document so that I leave. She asks did he take lunch and says she made Malai-Kofta he loves to eat. He doesn’t reply, she says it is not forceful upon him. he may only take a coffee and goes to get it. He tells her to say a servant but she says she is not feeling well so the servant has left to take medicines and she is alone at home. She turns around to leave but fells on the ground.
Rachna sees a stroller and thinks KT must have taken it along, she tries but his number was switched off, she thinks Allahabad isn’t far away but if she tells truth to her mom, she wont let her go. Shayl comes to her room and says Seema isn’t feeling well, she must look after the home.
A man comes to ask KT if he is ready for presentation. He says yes, he gets Rachna’s call. He says don’t you know I am busy, she says couldn’t you call. What if I had an accident or fallen ill. He says you are being lame, I will call you later.
Mayank brings Charu to hospital on wheel chair. There Shayl and Seema comes to the hospital too. The doctor checks Charu, as Seema wasn’t feeling well Shayl goes to reception again. The doctor tells Mayank, she is fine just had low BP, but for safe side he is giving her wife some tests to take. Mayank tries to explain that she isn’t his wife but the doctor doesn’t listen. Seema and Shayl watch them together, leaving. The nurse calls from behind that those husband and wife left their watch here. Seema asks the nurse what was the problem with that lady. She tells her she was feeling dizzy, maybe she is pregnant. Seema and Shayl are shocked.

PRECAP: The villagers celebrate as the electricity comes to their village.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. wht the hell?? charu is pregnant 😮 I hope its not MAYANK’s baby 😐 btw precap is gd 🙂

    1. Can’t b mayanks baby

  2. Wtf please get chair out of sappne suhane

  3. How will it be mayank he never slept with her

  4. Now I think Mayank is foolish….First he goes to this woman’s house…and stays when he finds out she is alone there… I am wondering if he hasn’t learnt anything so far in the show….He always with this Charu and then Gunjan hs to clean up is messes…. Dumb donkey behind.

  5. The comments are more entertaining than the storyline. Mayank is dumb as usual he never learns.

  6. completly agre to u nia

  7. he is not just dumb but stupid as well,i taught he will take to gunjans warning but gosh i dot know what else to think of him,as for rachna if the age difference is going to bring problem now grandma needs to step in for both her and kt, she should be the one asking for the union btw them from her parents and i know she will be happy too

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