Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 23rd January 2013 Written Episode Update


Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 23rd January 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 23rd January 2013 Written Update

Rachna runs out Shayl follows her. Rachna locks herself in her room Shayl is banging on the door to open it. The four witches come and start filling Shayl s ears . Pihu tells her she should not have loved Gunjan so much. Seema says who will marry Rachna now . Shayl asks them to keep quite as they are not helping the situation she asks all 4 of them to leave while Rachna s sobbing outside. Vihaan s dad (dont know his name) apologizes to Dayal for his son s behaviour. SD is upset and asks him not to say sorry. Bua blames Vihaan that why he kept quite till now. He could have said all this long back and prevented the drama in front of everyone. She tells that earlier she would never stop praising Rachna. Dayal talks about Vihaan s sanskar SD taunts about the pranks the girls played. The Agarwals leave. Bua calls Gunjan Namak Haram and wants to slap her. Everyone surrounds Gunjan in a circle and starts screaming and insulting her.

The flash back starts.
Vihaan pulls Gunjan in a corner. She warns him not to meet like this as he is her jeeju. She tells him to behave properly. He tells her not to warn her and shows her the pictures he clicked. He reminds her how much Rachna loves him and then says how will Rachna feel if he dumps her. He tells Gunjan to get involved so the plan.

Flashback ends . Seema asks everyone if they understood why she made the plan with Sangeeta to stop the Mayan wedding. Shayl walks down the stair.

Flashback starts again. Vihaan reminds her of the prank the girls pulled and his humiliation. Gunjan tells him she wont be a part of it Vihaan reminds her that Rachna loves him so much that she can do anything once he dumps her. Vihaan tells Gunjan that she has to be his fiancee only for one week and if she does that he will be Rachna s forever. He tells her not to run away as he has the pictures. Flashback ends.

Dayal tells Shayl that Gunjan did the same thing that many years back her mom did to her and walks away. Mayank wants to say something but Charu stops him. Mayank leaves Charu smirks. Shayl and Gunjan are crying and Shayl leaves. Gunjan is all alone crying.

Gunjan is sobbing and talking to herself that why is her mom not there why is she so alone . Gunjan hears Sneha s voice that she is there for her. She holds Gunjan from behind. Gunjan hugs her mom and cries. Gunjan tells her mom that everyone here hates her including Shayl masi she agrees that everyone has a reason. She tells her they dont know the truth there was a reason. She tells her she hates the ring but is bound to wear it. Gunjan tells her she did it so that Rachna and Vihaan can be together forever and if she would not have done that they could not be together as Rachna loves Vihaan a lot. Sneha tells her to stay strong and the truth will be out. She tells that Shayl may be upset but loves her. She consoles Gunjan and suddenly Mayank calls Gunjan and she turns to see him. Mayank looks shocked. When she turns back her mom is not there. Gunjan is worried if Mayank heard everything.

Precap : Rachna asks Gunjan why she did this she says she hates her. Rachna says the biggest mistake is her coming into the house. She asks Shayl why did she do this to strangle her future

Update Credit to: vibz88

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