Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 22nd May 2013 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 22nd May 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 22nd May 2013 Written Update

Mayank hugs Gunjan from behind and they talk about marriage and he asks Gunjan if she will become a Dayan after marriage she says she can become chandi also. She teases him that he is scared about his mom while he tells her she wants joru ka gulam and he says he will become typical benarsi husband. Gunjan run s and he runs after her. BG tum hi ho. Rachna Vihaan still out and he get s her to a place she says it s beautiful while he replies that not more than her Rachna thinks it s just lines. There is a thela where tea is sold. Vihaan goes to take two glasses when the guy asks with who he has come and asks Tina madam Rachna overhears this and when Vihaan offers her a glass throws it.

Rachna is furious that he has still not changed he tries to make her believe but she

does not listen. The shop fellow tells him he will get other girls he explains this girl is different. Rachna leaves.

Seema get s men to remove furniture from Mayank s room as she wants new furniture and Prabhu says that they cant afford all this and to love Gunjan Akash overhears this and Seema knows. She is excited that even if Prabhu wont spend she will get what she wants. Rachna is back and Gunjan asks her where she was Gunjan sees 8 miss calls from Vihaan on her phone. Rachna tells her about the date but that he has taken other girls there before. Gunjan says you are jealous so must be love. Gunjan asks what action happened on the date did they kiss GRachna says she would have slapped him. Rachna asks Gunjan why is she asking all that and if something like that happened to her. Gunjan says she dint go anywhere and blushes and feels ackward.they tease each other.Gunjan says let s get married together the girls are still arguing when the land line rings and Dayal picks up he tells Rachna it s her call . Rachna is scared it s Vihaan and Dayal says the person has no manners to introduce themselves.It s a woman and Rachna is relieved. It s Vihaan on the other line he says that he has changed and Rachna challenges him to come home and say what he feels in front of all. Gunjan is happy

Akash gives a list of stuff which he wants to give Gunjan but Shayl is hesitant and he says only daughter and Shayl agrees . Seema Sangeeta very happy. Seema gives a list of relatives to Shayl and the list is big. Shayl says that and Akash says that no problem it s a happy occasion. The Dilli wali Mausi and her DIL have arrived but she says that she dint know there was a wedding so let s go back. She taunts them that their MIL gave her so much respect.
Masi is eating and her DIL is pressing her legs she is saying Seema is so lucky her first bahu was maaldar and her second one is even more maaldaar. She is dominating her Dil. Shayl gives her custard and juice but she wants some kachori which she gets. Masi wants to meet the bahu and Gunjan comes Masi is shocked taht Seema chose a bare leg girl everyone shocked

PRECAP: Vihaan Rachna on bike and they fall in mud.. Check my siggy its the exact same

Update Credit to: vibz88

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