Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 22nd July 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 22nd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mayank tells Gunjan that Charu is his boss. Gunjan stands up in shock. Mayank tells her she is the wife of his boss Mr. Segal. Gunjan says you must leave this job, you don’t need to do this job. Gunjan was worried that this is so terrible. Mayank tells her she has changed. Gunjan says believing her will be a mistake. Gunjan says she has always brought mistakes in their lives. Mayank says he has been observing her for a while, she is changed. Gunjan says how she married such an industrialist then. Mayank asks does she trust him. She says more than me but not I don’t trust that Charu. Mayank tells her to focus on herself right now.
Rachna and KT sit on a bench. They both head to speak together, and then smile. Rachna keeps her head on his shoulder that she believes he will take care

of her always. He asks what the plan is for tonight. She says she wants to know all about him. She wants to know about his childhood, he gets angry and says he doesn’t want to talk about his parents. She says sorry, he says it isn’t that I don’t want to tell you about them, but on the right time. She tells him to sit and ask him about the first impression of Miss Garg. They wake up with sunlight. Rachna says I wish our every morning is like that. KT sees the time is 6 am. Rachna says Bauji must have left, and we must go inside.
Shayl asks Bauji didn’t he go for the walk; he says I had no mood. KT and Rachna see Dadi looking for Nanha. She tells Shayl that she is looking for her Nanha. Shayl says he must have gone to walk, and calls her inside. Shayl goes to wake Rachna.
Upstairs, Rachna asks KT to go and she will manage going inside the house. KT says until she goes in, he won’t leave. A plant pot breaks; everyone downstairs is worried and comes upstairs to see this. KT holds Rachna’s hand and they hide beneath the wall. Rachna says it is the right time, before everyone gets down that we should go inside. The come down hanging through the rope. Rachna walks inside the house towards her room when Shayl calls her from behind. She asks where she was coming from. Rachna says when she woke up, there was no one out so she was looking from them. Shayl asks did she sleep in this dress. She says she was very tired, she slept like this. Shayl asks her to go and wash her face but catches her bracelet and asks who gave you this? Dadi comes and asks has she seen Nanha. She says she doesn’t know but see KT passing by their door. Rachna calls Dadi, she turns around and KT passes by. Shayl is skeptical about the behavior.
Gunjan tells Mayank that now she is worried about Charu and wants every detail of the day. He tells her she looks good worried. She teases him that she will also make a boyfriend now. They hug. Chirya was watching them, Rahul comes. Chiraya tells him to leave before anyone see them together.
The head comes across Rahul. He tells him that he is ready for digging. He says they will have to think about an idea why they are getting it done. Gunjan and Chiraya were hidden behind the tree. Rahul tells him to say they are digging to make a well here. He agrees and asks did he tell anyone else. Rahul says I am not a fool. The head leaves saying he will get the labourer in the evening.
KT asks Rachna did someone ask anything. She says everything is clear now. KT says you have changed now, you used to become so afraid. KT says we must tell our families now; they will be hurt if they hear this from someone else. She says it isn’t important to tell now. He says it is ok, he will tell them himself.
She says if you want so, I will tell everyone everything in the evening. Rachna comes home worried, she recalls her promise with KT. She thinks at the most they will stop you from going to work. She comes inside. Shayl was sitting with a lady, who says your girl is so pretty I think the American guy will be perfect for her. Shayl says what Didi, we don’t want to marry Rachna so soon and they guy is 10 years older than Rachna. Chaya was also standing there. Rachna thinks about what Shayl had said. Shayl comes and tells Rachna not to be worried as they aren’t marrying her yet. She greets Chaya and tells Rachna to take her in her room.

PRECAP: Mayank takes Charu to hospital and helps her as they go out. Shayl and Seema see them together.

Update Credit to: Sona

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