Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 22nd January 2013 Written Episode Update


Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 22nd January 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 22nd January 2013 Written Update

Vihaan asks Gunjan to speak up. Dayal is upset and questions her telling her to break her silence. Rachna is crying while Shayl tells everyone to stop as she has full faith on her daughter as she wont take any wrong decision. She asks everyone why only Gunjan has to prove herself everytime and answer. Rachna is lost in her thoughts of Gunjan and Vihaan. Rachna tells Shayl that she can believe gunjan but she is sure Vihaan cant lie , sangeeta and seema support her. Sangeeta indicates Pihu with her eyes who gives some money to a waiter. Rajeev also wants Gunjan to speak Vihaan tells how can any girl admit that a girl loves her sisters fiancee and says he has her msg s. Suddenly a courier delivery boy comes and gives Shayl a package. Gopal supports Gunjan saying anyone can call or sms from Gunjan s phone but sangeeta says photo s prove everything and she hands the pictures to Shayl,Dayal, SD and Mayank see it. Bua wants to know the truth, Rachna remembers Vihaan complementing Gunjan. Rachna says that always she was being compared to Gunjan. Shayl is shocked how Rachna is not trusting Gunjan but rachna is upset that shayl is supporting gunjan. Gunjan finally says that you all want to know the truth she takes the ring from Shayl s hand holds rachna s hand and announces what she is about to do now will hurt many people and asks everyone to forgive her. She puts the ring on vihaan s finger. Everyone is shocked mayank looks heartbroken shayl is fuming and happy memories of rachna and gunjan are shown. Shayl holds gunjan turns her and gives her a tight slap. Sangeeta is happy.
Gunjan admits everything and says she loves vihaan. He says he does not love rachna and wants to be with gunjan while she asks everyone for forgiveness. Everyone is upset Rachna remembers gunjan saying she will put the ring on vihaan s finger.

Shayl is fuming when gunjan tells her to believe that she did it for everyone s benefit. Shayl asks if that s what she taught gunjan. Mayank thinks that its not gunjan but someone else who is speaking . Pihu adds fuel to the fire. gunjan calls shayl maasi and shayl says not to call her that as her maasi died and bursts into tears. Vihaan tells Shayl that he does not love Rachna . He says that he and gunjan are in love and she should be happy atleast one daughter of the house will become the DIL of the Agarwals. Shayl blames him equally and so does Prabhu SD is angry that the thief is blaming the police says that shayl always claims that both are her daughters and asks where did her love disappear . She says now vihaan s choice is hers, she blames rachna. She says rachna looks innocent and acts like sati savitri she never expected the prank from her and calls her a chameleon. Vihaan asks a photographer to click his pictures with gunjan

PRECAP: gunjan crying in front of sneha and tells her that its her majboori to wear the ring and hugs her. mayank overhears.

Update Credit to: vibz88

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