Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 21st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 21st October 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 21st October 2013 Written Update

Rachana is upset and deep thinking in her room. Shail comes there . Rachana and Shail discussion about vihaan. Rachana says how fool she was to trust that person who tried to show her very low. How could he be her perfect life partner to her?? And it’s the question of her life.How could she take a wrong decision. Shail replies her that , wtever decision Rachana takes there only her happiness there. And father is always with you .. Then shail leaves the room
At college,
Gunjan’s friend appreaciating Gunjan that she wll become youth leader by sitting at homethen everyone wll b back of you for getting things done.. Gunjan denies and says.. Have u gone mad.. No way I will enter into politics.. Lets move fast .. Instructor would have arrived

by now.
New Entry , The fit instructor of Self Defence Classes..
Few girls surrounded him paying attention to his warmups and excited tooo. Gunjan and friend reaches the place. They are happy to see the instructor. Gunjan greets the instructor and say excitedly that under his training girls of the college will become rough and tough . Instructor explains that they doesn’t need any particular dress code. And all girls start warm up as per Coach instructions.
at Vihaan’s Home ———–
Savitri locks Vihaan inside room. She says to vihaan that , he will belocked until Rachan was forgotten permanently. . He cant blackmail her saying that he will leave house.
Vihaan is so worried that he was locked and shouts that She cant stop him leaving this world permantly.
Savitri gets shocked hearing to this emotional blackmailing of Vihaan.
Vihaan inside is so restless and strts to search for smthing inside room.
Seeing upon Vihaan being quite savitri gets relief for a moment. Meantime she hears sound of sm glass broken from the room and runs inside.
Vihaan is about to cut his vein, right time savitri stops him from doing that. And pleads him not be mad like this. Vihaan with tears doesn’t answer anything. She hugs him to console .

Back to college,
All girls tired up of first days’ training class and taking a water break. Instructor questions gunjan that whether she learned Judo / Karate. She answers him that she has learned Dance. He asks her to learn.
Gunjan’s house @ dining table.
Dholu comes running inside greets gunjan. Sangeetha talks so rudely to gunjan to keep dholu away from her .He has broken his hand already still he is back of gunjan. Dholu sweet boy, winks and says to gunjan … he will help her .
Calling bell buzz… Dayal opens the door and surprised & whoel family gets shocked to see Vihaan and Savitri there at that time.
Savitri and vihaan enters into home.
Rachana and vihaan eye lock.
Savitri explains them the purpose of coming there. She doesn’t want to step into the house. But due to Vihaan she is here now. She starts bad mouthing about Rachana. And says, What magic Rachana did doesn’t know, but Vihaan wants to marry only Rachana. Savtri declares that she doesn’t have any prblem with Rachana and Vihaan relationship.
Rachana objects with angry note that she have prblem with this relation.
Rachana goes near Vihaan and says, Everything is over now. Nothin left to talk. Vihaan tries to convince her, Rachana objects him to talk. Vihaan says, he convinced his mother so hard. Vihaan requests her not to give importance to the mistake he did.. He already apolosized her many times. For her lvoe he has done a lot.. and asks her is there any value for his deeds . And says a lot and requests her not to punish so severe for his one mistake. And continues to say, She is his life , Rishtey will not break so easily.
Rachana says, Nothing is easy to forget whatever he has done to her.. How you have showed so low about me. Wt have u thought before coming here. Will I say Yes for this relation???? Infron of whom you have ill treatedme She finally says him, that Vihaan cannot give her love infact he can give her pain only.
Savitri asks Vihaan to forget everything. Shail tries to convine not to take any decision in angry. Rachana firmly says, No need to thnk about anything further. The relationship is over now.
Vihaan too says with lot of pain, he also breaking the relation whatever is there between them. Before leaving vihaan says to rachan, not to expect to meet him in future.
VIHAAN & RACHANA part their ways with heave heart. Both are in unexpressable pain and uncontrollable tears.
Gunjan says she will be with rachana for sometime. Dayal stops her and says he will go and talk to her.

Precap : Rachana apolosizes to dayal. Shail & dayal consoles that they are with rachana’s happiness and whole family enters says they too.
Gunjan explains to Mayank, that Shalini pandey , has come herself with an offer. Mayank says, to be far away from those kind of people. Gunjan convinces him, things will be clear by joining only.. With fear nothing can be done.

Update Credit to: amul_kn

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