Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 21st November 2014 Written Episode Update


Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 21st November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shayl slaps Aadi for what he says; she asks how he thought about disrespecting Gunjan. He says her daughter in law spent a night with him that was a beautiful one. Seema holds Shayl’s hand, she tells her that one shouldn’t heed what people like him say. They leave, Aadi says that one day what he has said, will bring fruit and a fire will keep on lighting in the Garg’s family.
Rachna stops a workman, and takes a bangle from his hand. It was Divia’s, she asks him to let it remain in her hand. She moves forward to see that a painting had displaced from its place on the wall. Alok watches Rachna struggling with it. Rachna feels the paint was still wet, she wonders how that was possible. A workman comes to call her; ALok runs to the painting and adjusts him, hiding the pattern

underneath. He thinks Rachna likes being a spy as well, but not all the wishes come true on one lifetime, he will now send her to another lifetime.
Shayl and Seema pray in the temple. Shayl says she wants her happiness back, Gunjan must come to recognizing her Mayank and family.
Gunjan was on the bed, Mayank and Rachna watches her as the doctor and nurse give her first aid. Bindia comes there, and notices Rachna and Mayank worried. She offers water to Mayank, and says that being tensed won’t solve any problem. Rachna asks him to take water at least, Bindia hands her the glass and she makes Mayank drink it. He cries, and asks Gunjan to open her eyes please.
Seema sits in the lounge, lost in her thoughts about Aadi. Bindia sits with her, and says that whatever Aadi said is stuck in her mind. Seema asks is it about Gunjan and Aadi. Bindia says not that, she wants to say that she likes the love of their family. Bindia thinks in order to make her place in her life, she must make space in her hearts.
The doctor scolds Mayank that he had told him to take good care of Gunjan; she might have forgotten what she even remembered before. Shayl gets worried but the doctor asks them to pray. Mayank sits with Gunjan and asks her to get up, please. Seema is worried, Shayl asks doctor what is the new way. The doctor tells them to be positive, the love filled environment can bring her back to consciousness. Rachna comes to Mayank and says that he loves Gunjan a lot, and it can make her well. Mayank says he loves her more that life. Gunjan smiles. Mayank says I love you Gunjan, get up please. He say he has an idea, they can work on.
Shayl calls Gunjan to wake up, and see them all. Mayank calls Gunjan, Seema stands with kheer for her. Rachna says Seema won’t let anyone taste the kheer. Prabhu says she was his biggest support, he isn’t able to fight Seema even. Dayal recalls that he hated her, then his vision changed. Golu also asks Gunjan to wake up now. Mayank stands up, and shouts that this is enough. Who is the girl sleeping in his room like this, they must ask her to go out of his room. They were all shocked. Shayl asks did he hear what doctor said. Mayank says he still remember, their first meeting. Gunjan attacked him with the vase. Mayank says if she doesn’t leave, he will make her his, for the next seven lives. He counts for three only, He pricks his finger with the injection, and put sindoor on Gunjan’s mang. She moves a bit, and opens her eyes. She watches them all calling her name. Mayank get excited. They all fear, if she remembers about her past. Gunjan lies there, emotion-less then turns to Shayl and calls her Mausi maa.
The nurse tells them all to go out, she will call the doctor anyone must talk to him. Rachna says she will stay with her, Gunjan watches Mayank who was crying.

PRECAP: Rachna comes back to find Gunjan not there. Mayank says Gunjan is kidnapped, he catches Bindia talking on phone, about waiting her next order.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Bindia is worse than Aadi but good episode , lts feel like the old days in Sslk once again

  2. I am not even going to make a comment on this soap because it is going all upside down where is gunjans father when all this is going on as far as I see he is the only one to fix adi once and for all

    1. you just said you would not make a comment the why are you making a comment right now

  3. Bindia and Adi deserve each other. After all the struggle here we go again with Gunjan being kidnapped. Come on writers resolve this story and bring back KT

  4. hw much eva v write/keep posting abt our views creative team has no effect on them…socialy boycott has 2 hapn wid all the serials vch shw crap like dis…yhm,ssk,ja,dabh,qh,kb, etccccc….
    when their trp’s fall then dey gona knw d value of the viewers..

  5. waste track

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