Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 21st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 21st March 2014 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 21st March 2014 Written Update

Part 1

The episode starts with Gunjan thinking that Shail told Pihu may have thought before doing what she did. Gunjan tells Mayank that Shail is agreeing to whatever Pihu has said. Gunjan wonders how could Pihu fight with her in-laws and suddenly come. She tells Mayank to talk and make Shail understand. Pihu scolds Gunjan and tells hser to leave her with her problems. Mayank tries to tell Pihu she is misunderstanding Gunjan but Gunjan stops him. Pihu gets angry and storms off. Mayank apologizes to Gunjan on Pihu’s behalf and says she was talking nonsense. Gunjan gets a message on her phone reads it and tells Mayank she will be back. Dayal asks Shail if she understands the situation that Pihu has left her in law’s and tells Shail that instead of advising

Pihu she is agreeing to Pihu’s demands. Pihu overhears to this. Dayal says that marriage isn’t child’s play and Shail says that a mother understands what’s best for her daughter and tells him to leave it. Pihu is happy thinking she can get away with anything she wants with when she has Shail on her side. Gujan comes to the terrace to meet Rachana and Rachana says she knows the truth about Sonal and wonders how to expose her. Gunjan asks what does she mean and Rachana narrates what happened at work.

Part 2

Rachana approaches Kabir for a template but he ignores her. Upon her repeatedly asking him he tells that if she is stubborn and wants to continue working she can but to stay away from him and walks away. Sonal taunts Rachana saying that Kabir is not even talking to her and he won’t believe what Rachana says unless she confesses it was her doing which she will never do. She tells Rachana to be ready to leave after 1 week. Rachana asks Gunjan what she should do. Gunjan thinks and says tells her to which Rachana says its crazy and Gunjan says its the reply befitting Sonal’s craziness. Gunjan tells her not to think much and to just do it. Seema is complaining to Sangeetha saying that people will talk if Pihu stays to long at their house. Sangeetha agrees and says that Pihu didn’t even tell the matter clearly and she sees no flaw in Murali. Seema says hopefully it wouldn’t affect Rachana in the future and her marriage. Shail tells them to not worry about Pihu. Shail says she knows what’s best and that its Pihu’s house and she doesn’t need to give an explanation. Seema says she didn’t mean it that way. Gunjan tries to explain but Shail cuts her off saying that the matter will end there. Shail says if she needs help she will ask. Pihu comes in a salwar suit and Seema thinks she is not wearing bangle nor manglasutra and not even sindoor.

Part 3

Seema tells her that besides saree her MIL doesn’t like her to wear anything else. Pihu mentions that Gunjan doesn’t even wear saree and Seema explains because none of them have a problem with her not wearing but Pihu’s mother-in-law is particular and says if she respects her she will change into a saree. Pihu says that its her house and she will do as she pleases. She tells Shail she is leaving and Shail asks if she is going to her friends place and she says yes and leaves. Meanwhile Rachana looks at Sonal and goes to Kabir’s desk she arranges his things. Sonal comes and asks Rachana what is she doing with his things and that he had asked her to stay away. Rachana says but he didn’t say it to her face and she says that Sonal is lucky and that she never realised how handsome and interesting Kabir is. Sonal then tells Dadi did she hear what Rachana said that she called Kabir a lottery. Dadi says she didn’t hear Rachana say anything like that. Sonal says that Rachana said it and Rachana says why would she and Sonal must have imagined her saying it..
Part 4

Gunjan wonders why is Shail agreeing to everything Pihu is saying and thinks she has to find out. She tells Shail she knows her aunt well and that she is worried about Pihu but Shail says she doesn’t want to talk about Pihu. Shail says she knows what not and to do for Pihu. Gunjan says she knows a mother thinks of the best for her child. Gunjan says she just wanted to say that if Shail ever needs her she is there. Kabir comes and tells all the girls that they have been invited to srhowcase some designs in a convention and he tells them the theme and asks if anyone has ideas. Rachana is about to tell her ideas but thinks of how Kabir says to stay away from him as he doesn’t want to answer her. She walks away and Sonal comes and tells her that Kabir won’ listen to her let alone even look at her. Rachana drops the roll of lace on the floor. Sonal trips on it and paint falls all over her outfit. She is annoyed with Rachana. Rachana asks if she is ok. Sonal tells Kabir she will go change. One of the girls comes up with an idea of casting all their ideas in a ballot so there will be no biasness and all will have a chance. The girls says she will make tokens and whosever’s idea Kabir likes he most he will call out the number. Rachana thinks she has a fair chance now.

Episode Ends

Rachana putting a measurement tape around Kabir and then it drops both bend to pick it up. They get stuck together. Darmiyaan is playing in the background. Sonal looking angry.

Update Credit to: happygirl123

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  1. Used to be a good show- now no head no tail!

  2. Lool!!! Dont know what they are thinking.its not really interesting anymore…You writers need to come up with a something very good and interesting

  3. This soap suckes now

  4. hmm love it nah rachna and KT are made for each other not sonal neverrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Rachana is really annoying. She thinks the world revolves around her and she is constantly depressing to look at. Hence her story line is almost exhausting. I hate the involvement of people extended relatives in one’s personal business I don’t particularly subscribe to the relatives’s involvement in pihu’s marital affairs and in today’s society I really don’t like how the show protest women especially when they made so much contribution to the development to the country. Women are do submissive/ powerless even when it comes to deciding what to wear and what is alarming is to see that other women contribute to subjuctating women

  6. PLEASE Update today episode

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