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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 21st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

All the women come prepared for Pooja. There Gunjan also performs the Pooja with the women of village. All the men then feed their wives with their own hands. Rachna imagines herself and KT the same way as he feeds her with a spoonful, she then runs to the swing and he pushes it. Sangeeta calls her and asks where is she lost, is she missing Gunjan? She says yes and texts KT and she is waiting for him, come soon.
Gunjan looks at the moon and misses Mayank. Mayank while driving looks at Gunjan, he is also missing her. Chirya gets a plate for Chiraya but she puts it in her mouth instead and says she will open after sometime.
Bauji asks Shayl where is Rachna? She says she was just here. Rachna was talking to KT on phone, and says she won’t break her fast if he won’t come. Someone

opens the door, it was her Bauji. He asked why she is stuck to phone, when everyone is waiting for her at the dinner table. She says she has pain in her stomach, they may eat. He gets anxious and offers to get medicine. She says she has already taken it, and is going to sleep. KT asks her how much she has started to lie. She says it is all fair in love. KT says he will meet her at the roof. After hanging on he says, she is right, love makes to do what not! Be ready to climb the wall now.
Vikram comes to his father and says the engineer leaves this report that says that there is no gold in the village. The head studies it and thinks he has to get the gold at any cost.
Rahul says to Chiraya that Gunjan has been looking at the moon for so long. Chiraya says that this is the essence of this fast, that a wife opens her fast only when her husband comes in front of her. Mayank puts hand on her shoulder, she is elated to see him and says she hopes this wasn’t a dream and you were here in real. He pinches her and says he has really come. She hugs him and cries saying she doesn’t believe this. Chiraya watches this and gets them the platter. She performs the Pooja and Mayank feeds her.
Mayank gets ear rings for Gunjan; she is excited to get them and says they are beautiful. Mayank takes her into his arm.
Rachna comes upstairs hidden from everyone. KT calls her and says he is downstairs. He asks her where the stairs are, she says it seems she will have to stay hungry. He asks aren’t there any pipes, she says they are on the back side. She throws him a robe; he thinks it is time to be spider man, Mr. KT. He rides it, and Rachna holds his hand when he is up to the gallery. In the quest to pull, she falls over him. She says thank you so much KT. He says he was angry at her for making him do so much, but has forgiven him now. She tells him she is really hungry, they sit to eat. KT gives her a gift. She asks why this? He says she did a lot for him, there should be one gift. It was a bracelet; she says it is so pretty. She forwards her hand, he asks what? She says you must tie it yourself.
Sangeeta comes upstairs calling who is there.
She says someone was talking and looks all around. KT and Rachna were hidden under the stairs. She goes away bolting the door from inside. KT tells Rachna, she must go inside. Had she told her family this must not be happening now? He takes her to the door, and nods her to go inside. She can’t open the door, and says it is bolted. He offers that he will help her get down. But she says that the main door will only open at 5.30 am when her Bauji will go for breakfast. She tells him to leave, but he says she thinks he will really leave her alone. He will also stay here.
Chiraya brings food for Mayank and Gunjan and watches them eating and sharing with love. Gunjan asks him about his new job, he says you wont believe who my new boss is. It is Charu. Gunjan is shocked.

PRECAP: Gunjan breaks a pot of plant upstairs. Everyone in the house heads to go upstairs. KT and Rachna were still standing, worried when Gopal opens the door.

Update Credit to: Sona

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