Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 20th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 20th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bindia calls Aadi, he says he hasn’t time yet to listen to her. Bindia tells her that Gunjan is already married. Aadi is shocked. Bindia says that Mayank is her husband, and will find him. Aadi tells her to keep Mayank away for sometime. Aadi says that Gunjan wasted a lot of his time, he will marry her anyway to get her father’s money.
Bindia asks Mayank if he knows about Aadi’s friend. Mayank asks she really thinks his friends will tell him everything. Bindia says they can tell her, if not him.
Aadi stops the car, when a boy asks for lift. Gunjan asks why is he stopping the car. Aadi says he is his friend, he knows him well. Gunjan notices the guy staring her. She tells Aadi to go straight, she then asks him to stop the car. He says it will stop only where he will

want, he did a lot of effort to get her. She is worried. Aadi’s friend puts a handkerchief on Gunjan’s face, she struggles.
Bindia comes to Aadi’s friends, introduces herself as the actress who helped Aadi get Gunjan. A boy asks that she is the one pretending to be Mayank’s fiancé. She agrees, and says she wants to give Aadi an urgent message. His friend says he has gone. Bindia asks where he went. The boy says he is somewhere, with this fairy. Bindia asks where have these love birds gone. The friend says to get married.
Om makes Lucky eat, Lucky says he doesn’t want to eat and asks when will maa come. Rachna comes and asks why he wasn’t eating. Om asks how she came here, where is her sister. Rachna says her brother is looking for her, she just had to come for Lucky and asks about his reports. Om thinks about doctor’s advice, then thinks he can trust Rachna. He tells her it is all well. Rachna thanks God, and takes him to finish the food. Lucky eats happily.
A workman comes to ask Rachna see some work, that is going on. She takes promise from Lucky that he will finish the food. Lucky asks Om to make him eat with his own hands.
Bindia comes to Mayank, and asks him to go to Aadi and Gunjan, they are getting married. Mayank is disturbed.
Gunjan is dressed in the red saree, and tied to a chair in the store room when she wakes up. She struggles and shouts for help. Aadi’s friends arrive with wooden sticks in hand. Aadi comes laughing and says he is here, to save her. Her husband to be. He calls the pandit to prepare for the wedding. He loses Gunjan’s robes, she cries when he drags her to the fire. He has held her hand tightly, and asks the Pandit to begin the ritual. Gunjan gets flashbacks watching the fire. She watches Mayank, Aadi was taking rounds with her. Gunjan jerks his hand, and says she won’t marry him as he loves only Mayank. She shouts Mayank’s name, Mayank arrives there throwing the boxes. Bindia was with him. Gunjan runs to him, but Aadi holds her back and attacks Mayank. Mayank beat Aadi and his man, while Bindia goes to Gunjan. Bindia says that Mayank loves her a lot. She heads to fight them, telling Gunjan to stay here. Mayank then comes to Gunjan; Aadi comes from behind to attack. Gunjan pushes Mayank, and the rod goes straight on Gunjan’s head. She faints.
Mayank gets up to beat Aadi. Prabhu and Gopal also come there. Seema and Shayl are shocked to see Gunjan injured and run to her. Gunjan wakes up and calls Mausi maa. Gunjan closes her eyes again, Mayank holds and takes her. Aadi says she is his fiancé and his wife to be. Mayank kicks him. Seema comes and slaps him, and says if he ever watch her another time, she will kill her. Aadi says he was her fiancé, the reality is that she was his girl friend and they were going to marry. They stayed under one roof, yester-night.

PRECAP: Gunjan wakes up, Seema asks has she got her memory back.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Aadi is very bad , good episode

  2. nice episode

  3. hell of agood strt

  4. what the hell is wrong with adi with his stupid ugly looking face mayank and gunjan are a married couple how could he get marry to gunjan who is already married what happen he never heard of the word bigamy his ass would be thrown so fast in jail for committing bigamy if only he play stupid and get married to gunjan. adi is only after gunjans father money and the thing is he feels that it is so easy to get someones money well adi you are in for a big supprise. mayank will beat you black and blue so if you know what is good for you hit the road before it is too late both you and two timing bindia you deserve each other so both of you hit the road before it is toooooooooooooooo late.

  5. Adi is an jackass who is only consumed with wealth. Akash could have avoided this whole mess had he told Gunjan the truth from the beginning.

  6. Dis show dat looks utterly dead some months ago has sudenly rejuvenated its selve wahla! Am touched by d intriging action and suspense of d show,fantastic perfmance frm ‘mayank g’ nw pls take me on a rock and roll mission 2 d jacksonvile county

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