Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 20th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 20th February 2014 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 20th February 2014 Written Update

Mayank goes out, is shocked to see Nathulal outside the gate. He closes the main door and goes out to speak to Nathu…asks him why he came here? Nathu sheds fake tears and apologizes for coming there, he was helpless, had to come so late at night to beg him to do something!
Mayank is nervous, he takes Nathu aside and asks what he wants, Nathu takes Vidhi’s oath and says he doesn’t intend to harass Mayank, hes a good guy but they are poor and in dire straits! But he cant bear it anymore, he has to go home as everybody must be getting worried! Nathulal asks Mayank to give him 7 Lakhs rupees and he will leave, theres not much time left!
Mayank looks shocked at the amount hes asking. He says, What! 7 Lakhs! Nathulalji, where will I get

so much money from? And why do u need 7 Lakh rupees? Nathu says because u killed my son-in-law! You can give that much for the sake of Vidhi!
Mayank looks very disturbed! Nathu says he knows the amount is big so if he cant give it, shd he talk to Mayank’s family? Everyone can contribute and collect the money!
Mayank panics, Nathu continues, try to understand a father’s helplessness, I have only one daughter! And with this money rest of her life will be easier.
Meanwhile Gunjan wakes up and wonders how she reached the bedroom? She sees Mayank’s briefcase and realizes hes returned home, she calls his name and goes looking for him.
Mayank is telling Nathu, whatever happens, don’t ever talk to my family abt this! He will arrange the amount as soon as possible! But please don’t come here, and leave now! Nathu asks him to hurry up!
Gunjan comes out in the living area, calling his name. She goes to the open window and sees Mayank talking to Nathu. She wonders who Mayank is talking to so late at night? Let me go and see..
Nathu tells Mayank to come soon and he leaves. Mayank is going to get in when Gunjan opens the main door, hes shocked. Gunjan looks around but cant see Nathu…she asks Mayank is everything is alright and who was that man outside?
Mayank acts dumb, asks what man? She asks why hes silent, whats the problem, he gets defensive, what problem? No problems! What man are u talking abt? I didn’t see anyone outside!
Gunjan says, what do u mean? I just saw u were talking to some guy outside. Mayank denies it and tries to go in, Gunjan grabs his arm and stops him, One minute! You have to answer my questions! U were talking to someone outside the house at midnight and ur saying its nothing? And u want me to believe all this? Tell me truthfully whats the matter?
Mayank says, Gunjan, whats happened to u at midnight? I couldn’t sleep so I went outside for a stroll, whats the big problem in that? Why are u making a mountain out of a molehill?
Gunjan says shes not doing that, shes just asking who that guy was…Mayank gets exasperated, whats wrong with u? which guy are u talking abt? I told u I was just out for a stroll, why are u interrogating me just like a suspicious wife?
He leaves, Gunjan looks worried, thinks, why is he lying to me? There must be something! Now Im dead sure!
She closes the main door.

KT’s studio:

Its late at night and KT is making designs on paper. Dadi comes in and shakes her head. She goes to him and says, Mr Kabir, night is for sleeping, and health is the greatest wealth! Didn’t u yourself say these lines?
KT says, Yes Dadi I did say that but those lines apply to you and not me! Dadi says, No My Dear, these lines are applicable to everyone! Come on! Leave all that and go and rest!
KT says, Okay, give me just five minutes! After that I will go straight to my bedroom.
Dadi doesn’t listen, she takes the pencil out of his hand, says go right now! he says, can u give me 10 seconds, so I can gather up all my stuff!
Dadi looks at her watch, says, 10 seconds? If u don’t come in 10 seconds then see what I do! Only 10 seconds, Mind you!
She leaves the studio, Kabir is gathering up his stuff when a blue file falls out, he sees its Rachna’s bio-data! He takes the document and reads it, he sees her date of birth and says, Day after tomorrow is Ms Garg’s birthday?
His face softens, hes lost in thoughts!

Garg House:
Gunjan comes to the bedroom, sees Mayank is sleeping. She sits on the bed, Mayank turns away from her, Gunjan leans on him and touches his shoulder, asks him, can I say something? He nods,
She says, I will always love u and u know people in love never hide anything from each other! So whenever u wish, just tell me…because Gunjan is yours, in every happiness and sadness, Im always with you!
Mayank remembers Nathu asking him for 7 lakhs…Gunjan reminds him of their promise that they will never hide anything! So no hiding!
Mayank turns over and looks irritated, come on Gunjan, why are u after me? There are a thousand problems at work, how much shd I share with you? If theres anything worth sharing then I will…please don’t play detective all the time!
Gunjan says, Alright, I wont say anything to u, when u feel like it then talk to me, anyways night is for sleeping not for arguments! Good Night, Sweetheart!
She switches off the light and goes to sleep. Its 3 am and Mayank is still awake, thinking abt Vidhi crying and telling him she cannot bear to see her parents poverty, they have to bear her expenses, then Nathu telling him to give 60 Lakhs…if he cant give then he will ask his family.
Mayank tosses and turns, worrying and tensed.
Mayank finally sits up and thinks, from where will I get so much money? Don’t know if theres that much money in my account! Let me check my accounts! He gets up, goes to the wardrobe and takes out his Bank passbook, checks the balance. He thinks, only 22, 000, this is nothing…he looks at Gunjan’s jewelry boxes and then at her sleeping. He thinks, if Gunjan finds out she will give all her jewelry, but I don’t want her to worry!
Again he remembers Nathulal’s words, opens the wardrobe, takes out a jewelry box and opens it, he looks at it and thinks, this is the set that I gave her so Im not really stealing, Im just borrowing my gift from Gunjan!
Gunjan is moving around in her sleep, Mayank gets nervous, but she turns away, he relaxes a bit, then takes out the smaller ornament box and opens it. He tells himself, its okay, Mayank, ur just borrowing this! I will take office loan and bring these back! Gunjan wont even find out!
He takes out the ornaments from the boxes and wraps them in a handkerchief. Puts back the empty boxes and closes the wardrobe, puts the ornaments in his office bag.
He looks at the sleeping Gunjan and thinks, Im sorry Gunjan but I don’t have any other option! Please forgive me! He strokes her head, then lies down and closes his eyes. Gunjan opens her eyes, she wasn’t sleeping at all…she wonders, what was Mayank doing with my ornaments? What problem is he facing? Okay, if he wont tell me, I will get to the bottom of this!

Next morning, Mayank is getting ready for office, Gunjan comes there and stands behind him. Mayank tells her he has to go to office early today, she asks him why, is there any important work>
She asks him again if everythings alright, he says yes, all is well! Why? Gunjan says, because I feel u want to tell me something!
Mayank denies it, no theres nothing like that, why do u feel that way? Now let me leave or else I will be late for office!
Gunjan says, she also has some important work and has to leave early. Mayank was leaving but he returns to give her a hug, he thinks, I love u Gunjan and whatever Im doing is for our love!
Gunjan hugs him back but looks worried. He leaves.
Mayank is going on his bike, Gunjan follows him in an auto…she asks auto driver to follow his bike. He stops at a jewelry shop, Gunjan stops her auto, gets down and watches Mayank from the other side of the road.

Vidhi, Madhav, Nathu and his wife all are sitting down to a grand feast. Nathu says, that watch of his was a gold one, I got a big price for it! Today we will eat non veg with great relish! Fish, meat, Madhav, what are u looking at, start digging in!
Nathu is biting into a chicken leg, his mustache gets in the way so he takes it off and puts it down near his plate. Madhav eats the food greedily, says he had been yearning for some non veg food, today hes really enjoying!
Nathu’s wife takes too many parathas, Vidhi taunts her if she eats so much she will burst! She fires back saying shes eating fruits of hard labor!
Madhav berates them for always fighting like stray cats, Vidhi tells him to eat and buzz off! To go underground! She tells Nathu he has eaten enough and he shd go now or Mayank will leave!

At the jewelry shop:
Jeweler asks Mayank what does he want to see? He says he came to pawn off these ornaments, he takes out the ornaments from the hanky. Gunjan is watching him from behind some saris.
He tells the jeweler hes in dire need of money. As soon as he has money he will take back those ornaments. Jeweler looks at all the jewelry goes inside to evaluate them. Mayank gets a call from Nathu, who asks if he arranged for the money yet? Mayank tells him hes doing just that and will come as soon as he has the money. Nathulal hurries him, Mayank tells him not to worry, hes at the market, Nathu says hes also at the market. So where can they meet? Mayank tells him to meet behind a tea shop near the market in ten mins!
Nathu hangs up and rubs his hands gleefully. Jeweler comes back and tells Mayank he can give 1 Lakh for those ornaments. Mayank says, Only 1 Lakh? He thinks, I have to arrange for the rest of the money!
He agrees to the amount and takes the money from the jeweler. Gunjan is watching all this from next shop and looks shocked.

Mayank hands over the money to Nathulal. Gunjan is watching them.
At the Garage, Mayank asks Mechanic why he changed all the tires? Mechanic tells him that a lot of nails were stuck in the car tires. Where were u driving when the accident happened?
Mayank says he was driving on the highway! Mechanic asks, did someone try to loot you? Nowadays there are a lot of robbers and thieves on the highway, there are whole gangs operating there! Mechanic thinks theres something wrong, if Sir was on the highway then someone must have deliberately damaged his tires!
Mayank looks thoughtful

Update Credit to: pallavi

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