Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 1st October 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 1st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

KT writes for Rachna, that Bittu wants to live with her, he loves her but can’t marry her at this time. He is now leaving the decision to her.

Bittu comes to Mausi, she asks him will he wear this groom’s dress. Bittu says that when someone tells him a lie, he hates that person and leaves. Mausi says that all is in his mother’s hands now.

KT calls Rachna, Golu picks up the phone and tells him that he isn’t allowed to talk to Rachna. KT asks him to come to meet him.

Gunjan thinks if Mayank also feels it is all going wrong, she says she wants him to say to her that whatever happen is wrong. Mayank comes there. He says that he was also thinking about her, he says he never wants her to leave. He holds her hand, and asks what she wants? She asks will he fight with

her again. He says no, and he can prove it. He picks up the sindoor box and put it her hair. She opens her eyes, and finds out that there is no Mayank around. She says in the mirror, that he won’t come as her leaving doesn’t affect him. She takes the Sindoor herself and put in her hair.
KT hands the letter to Rachna; he asks is it a love letter. KT says that it is urgent, so he must hand it directly to his sister. Gayatri comes there; he takes her inside as he wants to talk to her. He says that he has written a letter to Rachna, now he will accept whatever she decided. Gayatri asks what if she rejects his decision. He says that he will keep that decision of hers as well. Dadi comes there, KT points at Gayatri not to tell her anything. Gayatri thinks she must find the letter.

Peehu asks where Golu has been, while Shayl asks Mayank to call Gunjan to make a hand print at the wall. Mayank was reluctant, but Seema also asks him to call Gunjan. They both place hand prints on the wall. Mayank asks her if anyone at home knows that she is leaving. Gunjan asks is she leaving. It’s useless to argue.

Golu knocks Rachna’s door, but Peehu comes out to tell him she is getting ready. He doesn’t hand the letter to Peehu.

KT thinks that there have been no answers; it means he has to marry Rachna. Dadi comes to hug KT.

Gayatri comes to Golu, and asks him to give the letter, she will give it to Rachna. Golu says that he will give it himself.

Rachna comes to the stage, as a bride. Shayl cries looking at her. Mayank and Gunjan are lost in their own thoughts. They come across each other, but Gunjan leaves.
The groom arrives at the wedding place. Gayatri is shocked to see the groom, and thinks how KT said that he can’t ask Rachna to sacrifice for him.

PRECAP: Rachna puts on the garland, the groom removes his Sehra, it is Bittu not KT.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. you people are playing a cruel joke , this show needs to be removed .
    what nonsense ? are people that stupid , all then episode have one thing . first ankita marrie a mad man now rachna . this is stupid

  2. Rabirian Fans

    all tima cvs ruinted any show.i hope nothing bed happen to rabir.don’t break rabir pair.beautiful jodi rabir n awsome cemestery.

  3. eyes

    this is utter rubbish. i have stopped watching most shows here. don’t know what the writers are thinking, Is the Indian society and culture in the stone age. Is this what they want the world to believe.

  4. shanie

    Bullshit!!!! Today is d last day I watch dis nonsense….cnt believe these writers playing wit d culture n soceity as tho its sum game…smh

  5. Tara

    So …. if your brother wants your wife or girlfriend, you should give her to him. And you don’t even have to ask her. Is she then like a toy? Or pr*stitute?

  6. hera

    I used to love this show at one time now its jst getting more n more stupider where on earth does a guy treats his love like his personal property that he is tossing to his mad brother.. The creative team.needs to think.smethng cuz its more thn enough with Rachnas character shes always been deceived by the men she loved in da show..

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