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Gunjan comes out of the house; she gets a call, worried she receives it and asks Mayank did you people get home and is mother alright. He says that he is worried and wants to be with her. she tells him that she has reached home and is going to sleep now, he must prepare for his interview. She hears men coming towards her and hides in the bushes. They say that they heard the phone voice from here and will not let her go. Someone gets hold of her putting hand on her mouth. She gets rid of him, and says you can’t get me. The man says you can bear better one than many. He takes her along him.
Shayl asks Mayank why he left her alone. Mayank says he know he must have taken her along. Prabhu also says that she was insisting, Seema was unwell while Mayank has an interview tomorrow, they had

no choice. Shayl goes to call her, but Mayank says that when he called her she told him her cell phones battery is going dead. Shayl is worried about Gunjan.
The man brings Gunjan to a room and put the bolt on. She is worried. She looks around as the man lights the lantern. He says you are afraid to see the condition of the house. He comes forward, she says whoever you are you must not forget that I know Judo Karatay. He says my name is Rahul. He picks a cloth from the bed, she sees torn newspapers there and asks what is this. He says it is my hobby. They hear men outside, he lowers the lantern and tells her to sleep here and he will sleep outside.
Rachna comes to office, she thinks KT has even completed the dress overnight. She brings an I LOVE you card and places it between the dress designs. She gives them to KT but he tells her to put them on the table. She obliges, he asks the other girl to bring the file, Rachna comes to hold it but he sends her to bring laces. KT comes and takes the file from the girl; he tosses them and finds the card. He calls Rachna, she comes forward happily. He asks what immaturity is this; I have told you so many times to keep separate your personal and professional lives. He scolds her to go and call the client.
Shayl is busy, Seema comes there. Shayl tells her that she is worried about Gunjan. Seema says she told her not to stay but she insisted; and Mayank told her she is at the Rajeshwar’s house there so must be protected.
Shayl gets Rachna’s call. She asks her that if someone’s mood is off how to improve it. Shayl asks whose mood is off. Rachna says that there is work load in the workshop so KT scolded her too. Shayl suggests that this must have worsened her mood. Rachna says yes, and if her mood is off; how can she give her 100%. Shayl tells her that when her dad’s mood was off she would bring his favorite sweet. Rachna thinks she will also order KT’s favorite dish.
Mayank comes home and tells them he got the job. He calls Gunjan and tells her about his job; he asks her to come home soon. Shayl talks to her, she tells her that the situation here is not good. The fights about the women rights are not won in a day. They must not worry about her. Rahul comes laughing and asks her what right she has to stay here and give false hopes to these people. She shows him his files and asks what these are. He says every villager here paid for his fee of engineering but in 3 years of return he couldn’t do anything. She sees some photos on the wall and asks who this man is. He says this is the dean at the village but couldn’t meet him till today. Someone knocks at the door.
KT thinks he scolded Rachna pointlessly; she just wanted to express her feelings. He calls her, and apologizes. She says she understands about the workload but his apology will be accepted only when he will eat something. He says he has no appetite, but she insists. She says she has ordered Pakoray. He says you know the mail of a client is here. Rachna says that till the mail comes, we have nothing to do. He agrees and ask her to come too.
Chiraya comes there to Rahul’s place. She hugs Gunjan, and asks for apology. Gunjan says how could she be here if she wasn’t here. She gives her the food she had brought and says she must leave as it would be a big trouble if someone had seen her. She tells her that Diviya’s mother is in hospital. Rahul asks why she took help of this girl, how long will she be able to stand. Gunjan says right now she is more worried about Diviya’s mom. Rahul says that this is all because of unavailabitity of toilets here. Gunjan says it will soon end.

PRECAP: Gunjan takes the statistics of village to high authorities. They assure her of getting the funds sanctioned.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. i told you….Rachnaa is a child and KT a real man lolz

  2. gunjun ab tum samaj seba karo punno milega aur rachna tum sirf kt ke scolding khao achaa hai :>

  3. @Naina202 I understand I just beginning to hate dis thts all nothin else

    1. Ahahahahah ! yes i can understand your feeling….the show is becoming too slow !
      it was better before with Sonal ! we had action all day ! I hope Gunjan track ends soon…

  4. I hate rachna she is still a child she was going to college a few episodes ago can’t wait till her dad slaps her about kt and her ‘love’

    1. woooow ! yes you are true ! I know there will be many problems about their relation….

  5. Oh…Rachna you are sooooo naughty…. I can see how much you madly in love with KT

  6. When will get right for the village .Rachna c’mon plan a candle dinner or something .

  7. When will gungan get right for the village .Rachna c’mon plan a candle dinner or something .

  8. This series has become stupid. Gunjan is so irritating – pokes her nose everywhere.. About stopping the wedding as the groom did not have a toilet is ludicrous – she could let the wedding happen and then went on her toilet crusade..her character as a married woman is really immature…

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