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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 19th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aadi parks the car, Gunjan looks at the house. Her phone rings then, saying Garg’s house. Aadi leaves the car, and opens the door for her. He takes her bag, and says he bought a red saree yesterday, for her. She gets upset. He says he wanted her to wear this dress, but could only manage this dress and the house. Gunjan says everything will take place, with time. Her phone rings, he jerks his hand, it fell down and breaks. He apologies, but she says she wants to remove anything from her past.
Om waits for the doctor. The doctor hands it to him, and says that there was poison ruminants in his son’s stomach. He is worried. The doctor says it might be in the food, Om wonders who and why would anyone do so. He tells him to recheck, as there might be some mistake. He thinks curtly.

The doctor says he must take care of whoever gives food to Lucky.
Mayank comes looking for Gunjan, and finds her outside the house. She was crying, as she looked at him. He calls Gunjan, and comes to her running. The hug each other. She says she knew he would come, why he left her. He says he was so worried without her. He leaves Gunjan, and notices it was Bindia-not Gunjan. She looks at him, and says I am sorry. He says he thought she was… Bindia says that she was Gunjan.
Chachi brings food for Lucky, he denies and gets a call. It was Rachna who asks where he is. He says he is in the room. Rachna says she wanted to say Good Night, and asks about Om. Om comes there, Lucky tells her. She hangs on. Om tells chachi to take the food away, as Lucky doesn’t want to eat. Lucky hugs him, Om blesses him. Govind comes there, Om says Lucky will eat and drink in his strict super vision from today. Alok, and his wife hears this.
Mayank says he is stalking him for the past one hour, but she changed her way. What is she doing. Bindia says that she was going home, he must stop finding her and go home to sleep. He says he won’t rest till he finds her. Bindia insists, that he must let her stay with Aadi, whom she loves. Mayank says she can’t live with Aadi. Bindia asks is it because he loves her. Mayank says she is his life, his everything, she is his wife. He shows her the wedding photograph, in his phone. Bindia is left shocked, and asks is she his wife. She says why is it like that. Mayank says he was mistaken, and today he stands here. Hadn’t Gunjan left the house that day, and nor had that accident took place which left Gunjan forget her memory.
Gunjan stands in the lawn, with rose flowers. A biker approaches her, she stands up for him. He takes his helmet off, it was Mayank. She smiles. Gunjan wakes up calling Mayank. She says this means, it was Mayank on the bike and she took someone else to be there. She curses herself, not to recognize her. She thinks about calling Mayank, but the phone was out of order.
Rachna thinks why isn’t she been able to get the call. Shayl comes there, lost somewhere. Rachna tells her that she wants to talk to Om about Lucky’s tests. She wants to know about reports. Shayl says she can go there and asks about it. She says how can she go, when Gunjan is still missing. Shayl says when she has taken the responsibility, she must fulfil it; and they will all tell her about Gunjan.
Gunjan tries the Mayank’s call, it goes busy. Mayank talks to Seema who and Prabhu suggests to talk to Police. He hangs on, watching the second call. There Bindia tries Aadi’s call, who doesn’t pick it up. Gunjan accepts the defeat, and goes thinking she might tell Aadi first.
Bindia comes to Mayank, and suggests they must go to Aadi’s friends. Mayank says he doesn’t need her anymore. Bindia insists that she wants to help those who loves, truly. She thinks to herself, she must double cross Aadi to make her place in Mayank’s life.
Aadi waits for Gunjan, he shows her the dress and sindoor and mangal sootar; and all other preps. Gunjan tells him that she can’t marry him, as she doesn’t love him but Mayank. Mayank also loves her. She went to tell Mayank the truth, he must let her go back to Mayank. He thinks for a while, then says it is ok; but his has a condition. She won’t go alone, he will go with her. She smiles in elation, and says he is so sweet, so understanding. They head to go, and Aadi makes Gunjan sit in the car. Aadi makes a call, to ask his friends reach the specified place, he wants to marry Gunjan today.

PRECAP: Bindia comes to Mayank to ask him go to Aadi. Aadi had kidnapped Gunjan, Mayank comes to rescue. Gunjan calls Mayank, he is saved but the wooden stick fells on Gunjan’s head. She calls Shayl, Seema cheers that her memory has returned.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. good episode

  2. it is about time that gunjun and mayank reunite and that ugly face boy adai get going on his way he is just a gold digger he is after gunjans money a I hope mayank gives him a good beating first and bring him back to reality where he will know that gunjan does not love him but only mayank. if adai wants a woman soooooooooooooooobad let him hook up with bindia two of them deserve each other but just stay away from gunjan and mayank.

  3. thnx for update.

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