Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 18th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 18th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shayl asks Mayank to start the dinner. Seema asks Binida to sit with Mayank, she smiles and sits between Gunjan and Mayank. Shayl asks Bindia to serve Mayank with the dinner. Gunjan watches this, saddened. Aadi keeps hand on Gunjan’s, and asks why she isn’t eating. Gunjan says she is done, and leaves saying she isn’t hungry. Aadi goes behind her. Everyone says Gunjan is in love with Mayank, and is jealoused from Bindia.
Gunjan cries in the room. Mayank stands up, Shayl says they all feel bad about him. He must now talk to Gunjan about marriage, she will soon agree. Gunjan thinks about Bindia and Mayank’s intimacy. They all send Mayank in.
Aadi comes, his bag packed. He asks Gunjan not to say something, nor to stop him. Her eyes say a lot, Mayank, Mayank and only Mayank.

She always think about Mayank, and never tells anyone. He doesn’t want to force her in the relationship, and wants her to stay happy. He wipes her tears. It is time to tell Mayank how much she loves him. Gunjan cries. Aadi says that she will always stay happy. He leaves. Gunjan stops him. Mayank heads to Gunjan’s room; as he goes inside and calls Gunjan there was no one. He finds a letter saying, He let her live here thanks, he stayed with her, she got to know what real love is. Thanks for making her realize who her real love is, she is leaving with Aadi. It was difficult for her to meet the family. Mayank calls Gunjan in pain, everyone comes there. Bindia reads the letter and tells everyone that Gunjan has run away with Aadi. They all head to find her.
Mayank comes to the temple, praying to meet Gunjan for once. Gunjan also comes there, but doesn’t enter the temple. Mayank feels Gunjan was here.
Mayank turns to look for her, a girl tells Mayank in the way that a girl in white car went that way. Mayank sees the car leaving, and runs behind it.
Seema and Shayl were worried at home. Shayl forbids her to tell it to Akaash. Bindia comes and says that Gunjan loves Aadi. She shows them clothes of Aadi she found in Gunjan’s room. Seema suspects Gunjan and Mayank. Shayl says that Aadi was here; she asked Aadi to keep the clothes inside and must have changed them. Bindia agrees. Seema says is there something wrong. Bindia looks at Seema, victoriously. Shayl asks Seema how can she even thinks about it.

PRECAP: Bindia feels worried in front of Mayank. Mayank tells her that Gunjan is his everything, she is his wife. Bindia is shocked. Bindia tells it to Aadi that Gunjan is already married.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. an impatient rabirian

    plz update fast. i always wait frm 8;30 pm for this!

  2. so Bindia was playing both ways….her greedy self

  3. i think Mayank deseves what he got from Gunjan (she losing her memory and forgot abt him remember he was the one who didnt have any time with her and also wanted to compete with her )

  4. he never tried to support her he was too big of a man to accept that his wife was successful without his help

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