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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 18th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mayank says to Gunjan that she will be shocked to hear who is in office, he is about to tell her then thinks this will cause her worry. He says he will tell her when she is here. She says that whether they meet tomorrow or not she loves him always and everywhere.
Shayl asks Rachna if she knows why they keep the fast of Teej. Seema narrates the story for her that Goddess Parvati kept this fast when she liked God Shiv. Rachna thinks he will keep the fast for KT. She puts henna of his name. Gunjan there, completes her story. The village women say that they didn’t know she has the knowledge about the religion as well. Gunjan says she is also like them. Divia’s mom brings Gunajan a saree she had kept for her daughter.
Pandit ji brings sweet for Gunjan, she says she is fasting.

He asks how will she break her fast.
In the morning, Shayl calls Rachna for breakfast. She says she is getting late, so if she can pack her breakfast. Shayl brings the lunch box; she hesitates showing her right hand in which she had written KT, she hides the hand in her dupatta and holds it. Outside there was a female beggar sitting with her child. She pours the food to her platter. The beggar blesses her.
Gunjan and the village ladies are taking swings. Mayank pushes Gunjan’s swing and sits along her. Gunjan closes her eyes. Chiraya calls her name, Mayank wasn’t there. She says something to her, Gunjan looks at Rahul who was behind the tree. He has got what she wanted.
At the workshop, they all celebrated as a worker cuts the cake. she offers Rachna, but she refuses that she has a fast. She asks for who has she kept a fast. Rachna says it is for no one. She says I know everything.
KT comes to her and asks for who has she kept the fast. She says I have kept it for you, she even shows him the name she had written with henna. He asks you have got enough courage to write it there, what if someone at home sees this. Rachna says with love comes the courage as well. He says that she wont be able to stay without eating anything. Rachna asks what she will get if she completes the bet. He says anything and smile.
Vikram and his father think the engineer will tell them truly if there really is gold or not. Rahul stands with the help of stick, bandaged. Gunjan tells the engineer this is what the head did to him when he told him the truth. He got sixteen fractures and it will take 2 years to recover.
KT offers Gunjan with a sandwich she denied. He announces that we cut the cake, now I shall order the khoya sweet. And in the evening we will order gol gappay as well. He tries his best during the day but she denies everything. In the evening when Rachna is about to leave KT stops her and asks why is she going so early today. She says she has to prepare for Pooja and she has done all her work today. She tells him he has lost the bet. He asks what he will have to do. Rachna says that she wants to have the first water sip and bite with his hand. He says she should first let him be her husband. She says if she can fast for him, cant he come to their home for some time. She leaves saying she won’t eat anything otherwise.
Gunjan and Chiraya peeks from behind the tree as the tire of Vikram’s car has punctured. They say they must go by foot from further. The head slips with a banana peel. Chiraya and Gunjan were eating the banana. Chiraya appreciates Gunjan how she convinced the engineer to change his view. Vikram and his father were listening. Gunjan was saying that money can buy anything. She burns the file saying this is the true report saying there is gold all around in the village and the head will get the false report that there is no gold. The head sends Vikram to get the engineer back as he exclaims there is gold in the village and these people are trying to fool me.
Charu comes to the party at office. She meets the people there. GS friend tells him that Mrs. Segal is very beautiful. GS goes to her and holds her hand in a way to hurt her. He takes her to a side, Mayank notices this. He brings her into the room and throws her on bed; he asks why was she laughing with them. He warns her not to do it again, is he clear? She agrees. Mayank peeks through the door. When GS has gone, he comes inside. Charu tells him not to touch her and not forget she is her boss. He says I want to help you. She tells him to leave and enjoy the party. Mayank asks is there any problem between her and GS. She says whether there is a problem or not, you aren’t concerned; you may leave. Mayank thinks she is caught is such a damaging relation, how will she get the help.

PRECAP: KT and Rachna were upstairs. Seema thinks who is up there so late. She comes to see but they hide under the staircase. She goes down locking the door from inside. Rachna and KT are worried.

Update Credit to: Sona

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