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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 17th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gunjan is worried that what is happening, something is wrong. IS she falling in love with Mayank, that she feels for him and not Aadi. She must talk to Mayank.
Lucky and Rachna come to kitchen. Lucky stops Rachna, and asks Gopal to let her do it. Lalit and his wife are happy that she is taking it up by herself. Lucky drinks all the qara. He feels dizzy, and fell down. Lalit smiles, while Rachna gets worried and taps his face. Lalit comes worried, everyone else too. They take him to the hospital. Rachna thinks what is in it, it is the second time Lucky has fallen after drinking it.
Rachna calls Mayank, as he goes forward his hood up. She follows him on stairs, and also fells on the stairs. Still he doesn’t wait. Upstairs, she watches the hooded man and Bindia hugging each


She recalls Mayank asking if he is so important. She said he is very important for her, and he knows it better. She is broken.
Bindia said to Mayank what he is doing, someone must see. He must wait till their marriage. Gunjan cries and thinks why she feels so bad. What she has to do with Mayank’s personal life. Bindia peeks at Gunjan, that she has left and laughs. The hooded man wasn’t Mayank but Aadi, who laughs aloud. Bindia pushes him back, and tells him to stop now as she has gone.
There, Lalit says to Om that there have been rashes on the whole body of Lucky. Lalits’s wife says there is some allergic reaction. Gopal says that the poison has spread in his body. Rachna and Om turns as they listen to him. Lalits scolds him to stop, and bring water. Rachna stands worried, and calls the doctor for emergency.
Rachna forbids that it isn’t good that Lucky eats anything. She asks them to let her see to him. Lalit leaves space for her, she sprinkles water on Lucky’s face. He opens his eyes, while Rachna taps his face. The doctor comes there, Rachna calls him to check. Lalit wonders how he came so quickly. Rachna says she called her family doctor. Om gives him way, the doctor gives Lucky an injection, then rubs his hand on his arm. Lucky opens eyes . The doctor says it is food poisoning, what he ate. Lalit says he took what he regularly takes, Rachna says a qara too which he gives to Lucky daily. Om is suspectful, Lalit gets worried. Lalit blames Rachna that does she think he is poisoning Lucky. She stands up, Lalit says everyone here knows that Lucky stopped eating and drinking all after her mother left. Lalit asks is he wrong. Rachna says when did she say so? She didn’t mean to say this. Lalit’s wife says that Rachna had made the qara, shall they all suspect her. The doctor tells them to leave the case, he is out of danger now. Lucky calls maa, and asks him not to leave him. She tells him not to cry, as she is here and won’t leave him. Lalit dislike their love.
Gunjan thinks that she is a big mad, for Mayank Bindia is everything. She slips the stair, and her foot bend. Mayank comes to her, she says he must not care for her and go to what he was doing. Mayank says he can never bear something happen to her. She says she is just his friend. He heads to help her, but she asks him not to make her used to of himself. Aadi comes there, and asks to help her. Gunjan stops him too, saying he will manage. Aadi celebrates victory.
Rachna makes Lucky lie on the bed, Om stands on the door and thinks about doctor who said Rachna saved his child. Om says he behaved so bad with this girl, and she cares so much for his son. He wont be able to pay for it. Rachna heads to leave, on the door Om asks why she didn’t leave. She says she was waiting for him to sleep. Om says he will drop her, and says thanks to her for doing whatever she did for his son. Rachna says she knows he loves him so much but cant show it. She knows whatever happened to him, he had to change himself. He says it is their personal matter, she must not interfere. Rachna says she has got attached to Lucky that is why she is saying so. He must change for Lucky. He asks her to go.
At home, Shayl is worried and asks Rachna why she came back so late. Rachna says she is sorry, but Lucky wasn’t well today. Shayl says that Gunjan told her everything, how they people behave with her. She won’t go there anymore. Rachna says she must try to understand, but Om calls that she is saying right.
He comes in, and says to Shayl that he daughter doesn’t need to do the job. Om gives the file to Rachna she forgot in the car. He introduces himself, and tells Shayl that his son needs her a lot, she can leave the work when he is alright, but till then she must not ask her to leave it. No one else can fufil the magic, he won’t let them complain till the time Rachna stays at his house. Shayl agrees, Om leaves. Rachna says thank you to her.
On the dinner table, Gunjan was lost somewhere. Shayl asks, but Gunjan says she isn’t hungry. Shayl says she thinks Gunjan is worried, taking something. Rachna also asks the same. Gunjan is irritated, what will happen to her. Shayl asks about Mayank, Bindia goes to call him passing a smile to Aadi. Mayank just came out of bath, and asks Bindia to go out, hiding in the bed cover. She peeks through the curtain, as Mayank changes. She says that Mayank is very handsome. Shayl wonders where have they left, Seema says here they come. Mayank sits on the table, Aadi says his plan in working. Gunjan looks at him in disturbed way. Aadi thinks Gunjan will back out from him, as much as he and Bindia come close.

PRECAP: Seema assures Mayank that Gunjan loves him a lot, they can all see in his eyes. Mayank comes to Gunjan’s room, and is shocked to see the room empty.

Update Credit to: Sona

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