Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 16th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 16th May 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 16th May 2013 Written Update

Gunjan is talking to Mayank but he realizes it s a dream.The doctor says Gunjan is not responding to treatment. The family is shocked outside and they are trying to revive her by shock treatment. Mayank is not able to believe and the doctors have lost hope and Mayank barges in Akash gives him permission. Mayank tells her he cant live without her the doctor wants him to leave the family is all emotional. He is scolding her to open her eyes or he will come to her he says he loves her and holds her hand everyone is crying.

The monitor starts making a noise and Mayank calls the doctors. The doctors try to revive her again and Gunjan finally is out of danger. Akash hugs Mayank and Gunjan sees that. The family is happy , the doctors says in so many years of practice he

never saw this its a miracle. Akash says not a miracle it s Mayank s love and thanks him. He joins hands and Mayank says not to as he is older than him. Mayan have an eyelock .

Shayl is decorating Arti ki thali and Dholu says they have come. Mayan on the door and Shayl performs Arti. Rachna and Dholu have a surprise and want them to close their eues and when they open it s a decorated board with welcome home and a Mayan Picture. Akash says even he has a surprise and gives him gold coins. He says that Mayank is his son from today. The whole family is excited and Gunjan hugs him. Seema calls Gunjan and Gunjan remembers the promise seema asked her and is hesitant. Seema comes and herself and says the promise I asked you is now over and she accepts her as a DIL. Gunjan touches her feet and they hug.

Shayl gte s sweets while Seema is feeling left out. Sangeeta raelizes something is weird. Seema wants to feed Mayank but Shayl does. Seema comes to kitchen and remembers Akash s words that Mayank is his damaad now. Sangeeta comes and hugs her and Seema says that Mayank s happiness is her happiness. Sangeeta asks if everything is happening soon and Seema says that even if Gunjan is a litttle fast she is like wax and is happy that Gunjan took permission from her. Sangeeta asks about Shayl but Seema replies Shayl is Gunjan s maasi and the girl s side has to bend towards the boy s and they are happy.

Gunjan apologizes to Dholu that because of her they are eating bland food. Seema is happy that Gunjan will cook and she will get a holiday Shayl says only saturdays and Sundays as Gunjan will go to college. Seema Sangeeta exchange a look. she A letter has come for Mayank.

PRECAP: Mayank is in jail tallking to Charu he says that he knew she will not sign the divorce papers so he gives her a ganeshji and tells her to do sthapna as the jail will be her house for 10 years.

Update Credit to: vibz88

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