Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 16th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 16th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul tells Gunjan the story of the gold. Gunjan says it is a good thing that the gold of the village is being used for the village’s betterment. They both leave to bring the tools, while the head and Vikram begins digging the ground there. They find the box and take it. Gunjan finds the hole, Rahul also comes there. Both are shocked.
Bauji asks Shayl why he is only served with this vegetable. She says it is because of your high sugar level. Rachna sees the watch, it is ten at night. Gopal asks is she waiting for Gunjan’s call, Rachna says yes. Her phone bell rings, she tells Shayl that Chaya is calling; she is going to her room. Shayl gets worried for her.
Gunjan and Rahul blame each other for the gold stealth. Rahul says he now know that the gold greed brought her to the

village. Gunjan says you need money more that I do. Vikram and his father listen to them. They both leave blaming each other. Rahul says that he will get the rest of the gold that is worth crores.
KT asks Rachna why it took her so late to tell everyone. Rachna says she was having dinner with everyone. KT suggests they should tell everyone but Rachna says not now. Sangeeta asks Shayl to remind Rachna that they have to go to an engagement tomorrow. Shayl comes to Rachna’s room and hears her saying that KT shouldn’t tell her mummy and Bauji about anything. Shayl calls her.
The head comes to Rahul and says that his secret is no more a secret. He also knows the places the gold is hidden. Rahul says that the argument is about Gunjan and him. The head says that she betrayed you, now we should join hands. We will divide the gold, and for the electricity, we will spend a few lacs to get a wire; the villagers will pay for the rest of the connections.
Shayl asks Rachna who she is talking to. Rachna hides her cell phone and says she is talking to Chaya. Shayl asks for the phone as Chaya has forgotten her and didn’t come. Rachna was reluctant and hands the phone to Shayl. Shayl says Chaya!, but KT doesn’t speak and disconnects the call. Shayl says to Rachna that they have to go to Joti’s engagement and we have to go. After she leaves, Rachna bolts the door and calls again. KT asks till when she will lie to her mom. She says she wants to be with him now. She proposes to KT that they should go for shopping tomorrow. KT agrees. After they have disconnected, Rachna recalls that tomorrow is the engagement day.
Rahul comes home and tells Gunjan that they won. They all celebrate. All the women also come in. Gunjan recalls she had taken the gold jewellery from these women for a few days. Chiraya had also given her wedding jewellery to her. They had then drawn a map. Gunjan now thanks everyone and says that those who help in the bad times are the real friends. They will now achieve their goal soon.
It is 11 at night, Charu is in his office. She calls the peon in her cabin and tells him to take the food and bring coffee for her. Mayank thinks what is she doing in the office at this time, he thinks he denied his help the last time; should he ask now, had Gunjan been here he could have asked for help. Gunjan gets Mayank’s call, it gets dropped. She sees the head and a man talking in the fields. Rahul comes there. Gunjan says she has an idea and goes wearing the field-man mask to the fields. The head was saying to Vikram that he doesn’t believe Gunjan and Rahul.
Mayank comes inside the office, Charu says she is busy. He asks if she needs some help. She says she would have asked for it. He hands her the report of feasibility. Before he leaves, Charu asks him to look at the project. Peon gets the coffee, she asks will he take it. Mayank says no, thanks. When he comes out of the office he says that Charu has changes really; but his heart isn’t ready to accept it.
Vikram notices that the field dummy has come so near and goes to see it. Rahul and Gunjan are both worried.

PRECAP: Shayl sees Rachna is the mall, she asks what is she doing here she had to come with Chaya. Rachna points at KT to hide.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. gunjun is doing great hope she gets successful… 🙂 kt should tell rachna’s family about them before it gets messy… 🙂

  2. I wonder where the writers are taking the KT/Rachana Storyline…

  3. rachna is stupid why is she lying and telling kt not to say anything to her parents i think kt needs to seek his grandmas help she should go and break the news by seeking her hand in marriage i know she loves her

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