Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 16th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 16th July 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 16th July 2013 Written Update

Rachna asks Gunjan and Mayank what attack are they talkinh about Mayank closes the door and tells her that he will tell her but what he says should not go out of the room. Vihaan s dad s clients are asking him if he will be showing the samples today he keeps calling Rachna she is busy cooking khichdi and does not pick up which upsets Vihaan.

Shayl gives food to Mayank and Gunjan and says she should remove nazar as they are a adorable couple and Mayank agrees that it might be his nazar Seema comes and says it might be someone in Goa before she can continues Shayl tells her taht Gopal and Prabhu might come and they should cook but Seema makes an excuse of a headache. Rachna lies about an extra class and leaves .

She reaches late the owner of the place is asking

extra money as he extended the time he had booked the place and he is giving Rachna silent treatment he is furious and tells her to be professional and that since he is always fooling around with her she thinks of him as a clown and leaves. Gunajn is lost in the thoughts of her ‘kidnapping’ and Mayank asks her where she is lost they end up arguing as Gunjan says should she lie or tell the truth. Mayank says Charu is in the past and that they should make the most of their marriage. Gunjan wants him to believe that it was Charu she saw and Mayank leaves .He is sitting in the hall while she is in the bedroom and both want the other person to come and apologize. Dholu comes and teases Mayank that he is reading an upside down newspaper and he tells that he will not tell anyone about it if he does the dance he did in Goa. Dholu is singing chinta ta chita chita Gunjan is watching them secretly and Mayank dancing then he gets the guitar and sings tum ho to Gunjan is lost in honeymoons thoughts and smiling
Mayank sees Gunjan smiling and asks Dholu if he is a monkey
Rachna is lost in Vihaan s words and when Gunjan comes she teases her as bhabi and Gunjan says that this room is her Mayka and when ever she fights with Mayank she will come here.
Gunjan is talking but Rachna is lost in Vihaan s dreams.
Gunjan comes to the kitchen and wants to make tea so she asks Shayl Seema comes in so she asks her the secret . She ends up callig her Aunty ji and when she comes to know Seema is about to make tea she asks Seema to make it and keeps referring to Seema as Aunty ji which irks Sangeeta who tells her to call Seema as Ma.

PRECAP : Rachna is calling Vihaan who is not picking up as he is upset. Gunjan is sitting on Mayank and hitting him he tells her Ma is there but she does not listen. Seema is scarred seeing this LOL

Update Credit to: vibz88

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